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Regular meeting of the classics in machining process encounters a few cases that have machining with standard cutting tool hard, accordingly, of the cutting tool that be not mark it is very important to make pair of mechanical cuttings machine. Because metallic cutting uses the cutting tool that be not mark to see Yu Xi is machined more, reason is made to what mill machines cutting tool of Central Africa mark make the introduction a bit. As a result of standard cutting tool make those who be aimed at is wide generous common metal or metalloid cutting, should encounter workpiece has had heat treatment and hardness increases, or workpiece is stainless steel to wait to stick a knife very easily, the exterior geometry figure that also has a few work is very complex, or be had by treatment surface when taller surface roughness asks to wait for a circumstance, standard cutting tool cannot satisfy the need of treatment. In machining a process so, want the geometrical form of qualitative to the material of cutting tool, blade, geometrical angle, undertake the design of specific aim, cent is made to do not need to be ordered technically and can need to be ordered technically make two kinds big. Needing special custom-made cutting tool basically is to solve two problems, be like dimension problem and problem of exterior surface roughness. If be dimension problem, can choose the standard cutting tool of a dimension and need dimension close, grind through changing can solve, but also need to notice at 2 o'clock: Dimension differs cannot too big, do not exceed 2mm commonly, because dimension differs too old saying, the groovy form that can cause cutting tool produces change, immediate impact holds bits space and geometrical point of view. If be the establishs milling cutter word that contains blade aperture,can change on general accuracy machine tool grind, cost is inferior, if be the keyway milling cutter that does not take blade aperture,cannot be on general accuracy machine tool undertake, need is moved in special 5 axes couplet change on the machine tool grind, its cost also is met taller. If be problem of exterior surface roughness, the change of the geometrical point of view that can adopt pair of blade ministries will come true, if increase before, hind horny degree can improve workpiece surface surface roughness apparently. But if use the word with square machine tool insufficient tigidity, point pours the likelihood to be able to raise exterior surface roughness instead dully, the thing of this respect is very complex, the ability after needing to be analysed to treatment spot concludes. Needing special custom-made cutting tool basically is to solve the following problem. Be had by treatment workpiece special appearance requirement, if be opposite,the cutting tool that machines a need undertakes lengthen, the tine that add end pours R, perhaps have special cone angle demand, petiole structure asks, blade grows size control to wait a moment. This kind cutting tool if appearance asks not very complex word, solve easily still actually, the treatment of the dispute mark cutting tool that only needs to notice is more difficult, accordingly, use just fall in the condition that can satisfy treatment to use, not should exorbitant seeks high accuracy. Because, high accuracy itself means high cost and high risk, the cost of can square to making productivity and oneself creates needless waste. Be had by treatment workpiece special strength and hardness, if workpiece has had heat treatment, intensity and hardness are taller, average cutting tool data cannot undertake cutting is machined, what perhaps stick a knife is fierce, this is, need to raise special requirement to the material of cutting tool. Average means of settlement is to choose high-grade cutting tool material, if strong cutting tool of cobaltic high speed has taller hardness to move has pledged workpiece data with cutting, with high grade hard alloy material cutting tool can process the data of tall horniness, can grind with mill generation even. Of course, also have a few special cases, if be in to aluminium when undertaking machining, it is not certain to there is a kind to call those who exceed strong cutting tool on the market appropriate, although aluminous general softer, can say the product that is a kind of easy treatment, but the ability that exceeds place of strong cutting tool to use is a kind of aluminous high-speed steel actually character, this kind of material is met really than common high-speed steel a few harder, but machining aluminium when can cause the affinity between aluminous element however, make cutting tool is met instead aggravate wears away, at this moment, if want to receive efficient sentence, can choose cobaltic high-speed steel to replace. Be had by treatment workpiece special look bits and platoon bits requirement, should choose less tine number and deeper look bits chamfer at this moment, but the material that this kind of design can be aimed at easier treatment only, wait like aluminium alloy. In treatment of the cutting tool that be not mark is designed and machining a process, a lot of problems need to notice: The geometrical form of cutting tool is relatively complex, when heat treatment, cutting tool is incidental bend, be out of shape, local perhaps stress is centered, this should avoid the position that incidental stress amasses with respect to the attention when the design, larger to diametical change position, add bevel angle to transfer or step design. Grow diameter to compare big slightness so, it is in heat treatment process, every classics quenchs and temper needs examination and alignment with controlling its deflection is mixed jumpy. The material of cutting tool is more fragile, especially hard alloy this kind of material, once encounter,this makes treatment medium shake when bigger or treatment torque is bigger, cutting tool can happen break off, in this treatment that using groovy cutting tool, often won't cause very big harm, because cutting tool was broken,can change, but in the treatment that using the cutting tool that be not mark, as a result of replaced possibility not quite, once produce cutting tool,break off accordingly, a series of problems that can pose, wait like delivery delay, can cause use square great loss. What what narrate above is to be aimed at cutting tool itself, the production that is not mark cutting tool actually is not definitely so simple, this is the project of a system. The design that the experience that makes square design department and the understanding that just machine a state to using can affect the cutting tool that be not mark and make, the treatment that makes square production department and detect the precision that the method can affect the cutting tool that be not mark and geometrical angle, the iteration that makes square sale department pay a return visit, collect data and information to also can affect those who be not mark cutting tool to improve, and the success of cutting tool of these mark of will square to using use blame had conclusive effect. Altogether, the cutting tool that be not mark is to answer special a kind of when ask and be born special cutting tool, choose a making manufacturer that has rich experience to just will save many time and energy to use. CNC Milling