What does the reason that machine tool machining center bumps into a knife have?

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Add precision at machine tool of numerical control of machining center of CNC of general accuracy machine tool relatively tall, dimension stability is good, worker labor intensity is low, facilitating modernization manages. But because operate undeserved or the reason such as process designing mistake, make cutting tool or tool carrier bump to workpiece or machine tool easily, light person cutting tool of meeting crack up and the spare parts that are machined, the person that weigh can damage machine tool component, make the treatment precision of the machine tool is lost, cause person accident even. Accordingly, look from the point of view that holds precision, in numerical control machine tool cutting tool and machine tool or workpiece barge against do not allow absolutely in using. The face undertakes induce and be analyticed to bumping into knife reason below. Machine tool machining center bumps into a knife case study because CNC machining center its are to use software to undertake chaining, when imitate is machined, should press when running pushbutton automatically, be in imitate interface does not see whether the machine tool already chained can intuitionisticly. There often are pair of knives again when imitate, if the machine tool did not chain,move, happen extremely easily bump into a knife. Answer to affirm to moving interface whether the machine tool chains before imitate is machined so. Forget when treatment shut airborne travel switch. Because be when program imitate, to save time to often open airborne travel switch. What airborne travel points to is a machine tool all movement rod all moves with the speed of G00. If machining spatio-temporal moving switch to did not close, machine tool oversight is given feed speed, and move with the speed of G00, cause dozen of knife, bump into machine tool accident. There is farewell reference point after airborne travel imitate. When desired result program the machine tool is to chain immobile, and cutting tool moves in imitate relative to workpiece treatment (absolutely coordinate and opposite coordinate are changing) , at this moment coordinate and real position not agree with, must use the method that returns reference point, assure machinery coordinate and absolutely, opposite coordinate are consistent at 0 o'clock. If did not discover after desired result program the problem undertakes machining operating, the collision that causes cutting tool. The way that exceeds Cheng to remove is wrong. When the machine tool exceeds Cheng, should press exceed Cheng to remove pushbutton, be moved with the hand or the hand shakes kind moves toward opposite way, can eliminate namely. But if remove directional lane was turned over, can produce harm to the machine tool. When because should press,exceeding Cheng to remove, the protection exceeding Cheng of the machine tool will be not effective, the journey switch of protection exceeding Cheng is already be expert at the end of Cheng. Bring about workbench to continue to move to direction exceeding Cheng likely right now, pull bad guide screw finally, cause machine tool damage. Appoint position of the cursor when moving all right undeserved. Appoint when moving all right, often be from cursor location position begins to be carried out downward. To lathe character, the knife that needs to call place to use cutting tool slants value, if did not call cutting tool, the cutting tool of moving block may not be wants cutting tool, differ extremely likely because of cutting tool and cause accident bumping into a knife. The length that must call coordinate department to be like G54 and this knife first on machining center, CNC Milling of course compensates a value. The length compensation cost because of every knife is different, if was not called,cause likely also bump into a knife. Machine tool of numerical control of CNC machining center serves as the machine tool of high accuracy, prevent bumping is very necessary, requirement handlers nurturance is serious and attentive careful habit, operate a machine tool by accurate method, reduce a machine tool to bump into knife phenomenon to happen. Attaint of the cutting tool in appearing to machine a process as technical development detects, the machine tool is prevented bump detect, the machine tool gets used to the advanced technique such as treatment oneself, these can protect numerical control machine tool better. Baconian rise at 9 o'clock reason: (1) program writes craft of wrong     to arrange a mistake, process continues relation consideration is not careful, parameter set is wrong. Exemple: A.

Coordinate set is for the bottom 0, and actual in it is in order to support however 0; B.

Safe height is too low, bring about cutting tool to cannot carry completely a workpiece; C.

A knife is little; D.

The way that the program answers after the program is written undertakes analytic checking; (Exemple of   of   of mistake of 2) program odd remarks: A.

Unilateral touchs number to be written into in be being divided quadrilateral; B.

Bench clamp clip maintains a distance or bulgy distance tags workpiece mistake; C.

Cutting tool extends length bring about when unspecified or remarks is wrong bump into a knife; D.

The program is only should as far as possible detailed; E.

Program sheet sets in order to should collect to change old fundamental newly when changing: old program sheet disappear is destroyed. (3) cutting tool measures exemple of wrong     : A.

To knife data the input did not consider pair of arbor; B.

Knife of cutting tool outfit is too short; C.

Cutting tool measures the method that wants use science, use more accurate instrument as far as possible; D.

The length that hold a knife should grow a 2-5mm than actual deepness. (Mistake of call of name of program of   of   of 4) program transmission mistake or program have revise, but still worn-out program undertakes machining; The person that the spot is machined must examine the detailed data of the program before treatment; For example the time that the program writes and date, use simulation of bear a group of things with common features. (  of   of   of mistake of 5) choosing knife (6) semifinished product is exceeded anticipate, semifinished product is too old the semifinished product with program set not   of   of conform to   (itself of 7) workpiece material has drawback or hardness crosses   of tall     (8) outfit places an element, space block is interfered and       did not consider in the program (breakdown of 9) machine tool, cut off the power suddenly, be struck by lightning is brought about bump into a knife to wait CNC Milling