The machine tool uses servo compressor design

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From June 2011 the IEC standard 60034-2 of become effective drives the directional changeover with servo good to benefit of the sources of energy driver. And this are technical of code carry out also brought turning point for servo compressor manufacturer. Because servo compressor produces the sources of energy when the job, compare with hydraulic pressure compressor apparently energy-saving and lesser to the consume of the sources of energy, so the work efficiency of servo compressor is mixed benefit of the sources of energy all taller. System of electric power drive puts through below the circumstance that OK and simple way inputs in incompetent source, restart the problem can avoid relatively, and drive medium also won't appear temperature loss. In addition, use system of electric power drive, compressor is mixed in the force in moving speed two levels are mutual departure. Adopt advanced drive and the requirement that adjust a technology to be able to make servo compressor accords with the quality that is promoted and manufacturing benefit respect. Servo compressor offers industry of the machine tool that help strength to be mixed in pursuit innovation all the time to machine tool industry energy-saving. In the past, in the later period of machine tool design phase, the implementation of safe technology is crucial, however now, achieve better result to make the machine tool produces beneficial result, in the later period of machine tool design phase, the design of controller made a main component. The product manager Mathias Ams of Sick company expresses: "At present the technology is in transition process in. " if go,compressor of hydraulic pressure drive and prejudicial compressor have leader place in the market. And now, the benefit of electric drive compressor of use servo technology more, more agile and the sources of energy is used up inferior, this kind of equipment in the market development impetus has presented an ascendant state. And compare with other equipment photograph, be like with CNC, like servo compressor such machine is in safe technology standard did not have comprehensive specific definition. And the requirement that CNC includes to run a part to safety all has brought into technical standard in. Such, technical standard supports the CNC balance between safety and benefit. Operation personnel should make clear CNC to machine the moving condition of the machine tool, at the same time monitoring and limitation move the moving circumstance of the component. When undertaking monitoring to servo compressor at present, operation personnel basically returns the experience that operates place to get according to CNC before use. People is based on technical standard and get experience to be able to design new-style drive. Accordingly, compressor technology is lying in the process that transforms to new technology. Go up to can amass the dominant position of driver and automation technology in a compressor and try to apply, still must consider safe technology issue in the round. The traversal speed of compressor, strength and torque but drive of servo of have the aid of undertakes essence of life allows to reach trends to adjust and can remove join, reach good athletic form with this. In addition, if workpiece over all dimension is complex, still can make pull current Cheng and material and yield point intensity reach better case. The figuration flow of workpiece got the promotion of very old rate, this improved workpiece quality, and but will reduce percent defective to the greastest extent. Besides, the manufacturing environment of servo compressor is changed somewhat, workpiece is not had oily and residual also drop somewhat. When undertaking transforming to traditional compressor, because of its cam should be mechanical comfortable match, consume of the meeting below the circumstance is normally so longer time. And servo compressor have the aid of at controlling device, can avoid to adjust a process through this kind. As a result of can traversal speed of reliable monitoring compressor, so the dynamic control technology of Sick research and development can offer such possibility, new-style control program is moving or experiment namely in the process, when partial protection system is in non operating state, fall the risk to lowest. Shortened greatly so of compressor change one's costume or dress time, can improve the manufacturing beneficial result when compressor is processing a few work. The trends of Sick company research and development controls drive technology on the safe side, because this this exercise security to compressor is a reliable complement. Mathias Ams complements: "Undertake intervention to the critical task part of compressor, do not need to stop compulsively when mechanical exercise so machine, also won't appear machine down time and treatment reject. "   exercise cycle shortens 25% can raise productivity   Mathias Ams to emphasize: "Sick company masters driver to design the requirement of plan hard, will improve the productivity of compressor and beneficial result of the sources of energy, and the most important security that still enhances compressor to machine work flow. " plan of safety design of whole form of characters or letters installed simple safe early-warning signal or safe switch, include safety to control the drive function in equipment. From this, make compressor is in service of maintenance, technology and manufacturing operation OK move effectively. The technology of dynamic control drive of Sick company but constantly monitoring machine tool runs a condition, and can all signal of integrated and safe sensor and component. Here, sick company studies not only issue safe technology plan, further still research and development the waits like sensor or coder part that can be used at all machine tools. Equipment of control of the FX3 – MOC0 of Sick company research and development drive and equipment of control of Flexi Soft safety are special the moving condition at monitoring compressor, but all type driver that monitoring accords with regional technology and each market demand, and the restriction that does not accept driver manufacturer. The drive of Sick research and development controls a system can reliable monitoring consist in is dynamoelectric feedback signal and existing coder, compositive in coming from flow control equipment, look be like the signal that can obtain. Pass the accurate monitoring to motion, can reach from inside information the work that whether needs pair of critical work places undertakes intervention, the mistake that can avoid to not was necessary stops machine, and shorten exercise is periodic, those who raise a machine tool can use gender and productivity. In addition, because the machine tool does not have dangerous movement, return so can reliable monitoring returns, realize the interpose of pair of dangerous place before exercise cycle ends. Advanced equipment supervisory and control arrangement can mix safe sensor the action all signal are mutual and integrated together, from which derivation goes out to whether have dangerous presence really. Pass integrated and reliable drive information, and use the information of the existence in all flow, can have a test to waiting for a function like mechanical apply the brake, in order to make machine tool function achieves maximize. Mathias Ams expresses: "Produce each specific courses in flow through conformity, the treatment exercise cycle of compressor shortened 25% , improved productivity. "   realizes reliable monitoring with drive control system why drive control system applies to servo compressor, the most compressor that the reason depended on his having the regulation in IEC 61800-5-2 needs had drive safety function. Had reliable break down function namely (Safe Stop 2, SS2) , production moves medium safety stop a function (Safe Operating Stop, SOS) with function of reliable way of movement of control machine tool (Safe Direction, SDI) . The signal of these functions and sensor and union of signal of pull current Cheng rise applied open the approach that can use control and driver technology. If be in safe system respect, if join a light,optional choose uses reliable break down function when act (Safe Stop 2, SS2) , such compressor do not need mechanical cut back, also do not need new initial requirement to be able to continue to move instantly subsequently. Control function of safe movement way (Safe Direction, SDI) it is the fundamental function in place of danger of compressor of the interpose in tool return trip, and these fundamental functions still can shorten treatment exercise is periodic. The example of all sorts of very much differring potential possibility that there are these fundamental functions here. When compressor undertakes punch works, because pass the interpose to compressor to be able to be opposite,bring about the control of pair of work total cycle time, so metre type moves is compressor efficient operation way. And traditional compressor must want to employ cam control equipment to control exercise metre, but advanced servo compressor criterion must such, here, function of its reliable way of movement of control machine tool (Safe Direction, SDI) action of can sufficient play, do not need other sensor to be able to be transmitted metre type to run control equipment further. Because drive controls a system can all sorts of different drive of monitoring compressor, use technology of this compressor security to devise plan so but special change electric power drive conveniently for hydraulic pressure drive. This greatly the Gao Ling that open pressure machine works is active, and do not accept program of compressor drive technology and the restriction that provide manufacturer of compressor actuating device. The drive safety function of the drive control system of Sick research and development includes reliable cut back function, reliable temporarily urgent park machine function and reliable control machine tool athletic way function. The healthy progress that the security of drive ensured servo compressor did not come devotes oneself to a machine tool to have since   Sick company is long-term revolutionary compositive the research and development that conducts feeling technology solution. No matter be to be like CNC such needing that have workpiece Zhang Jin the facility of treatment, still have like servo compressor such machine tool that has oneself characteristic, sick all has his safe technology solution, in order to answer a variety of demand. The productivity that prospective servo compressor can have compressor of instantly tradition machinery already is tall and the advantage with exercise swift cycle, can have compressor of fluid pressure type to be like the advantage of accuracy and flexibility respect again. Global safe technology solution can increase a base greatly but experimental, productivity is mixed high the quality of the component of a treatment reachs the good point with good benefit of the sources of energy high, can satisfy the competitive requirement of prospective market so. The Flex Soft safety that Sick company develops controls equipment and drive control system to cooperate to use the advantage that form to include: Disconnect quickly by circuit will ensure with equipment Gao Wei has a short space partly, ensure the normal treatment of equipment makes course of study and the signal that avoid occurrence existence error. This is meant, prospective machine tool produces flow can achieve maximize, treatment exercise can be obtained profit and strive for terminal user. Mathias Ams says: "The company goes after have the aid of to monitor drive safety to control module at driver, make the company can continue to carry the restriction that does not accept driver manufacturer, from project technology level implementation makes the machine tool is in prospective utmost ground economic treatment basic cycle time, improve productivity and beneficial result of the sources of energy. " technical solution comes to the integral type security that this one target will use Sick company research and development through be united in wedlock try to come true. CNC Milling