Teach you to reduce a mould to machine the skill of blemish

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The skill that teachs you to reduce a mould to machine blemish is producing good mould steel to go up, the regular meeting when us sees mould surface have crack, this kind of phenomenon belongs to what the mould machines blemish and bring about namely, how can that reduce mould treatment to produce all sorts of limitation? Will share the following points to be able to reduce a mould to machine generation blemish with everybody. 1, logical choice and nap emery wheel, the emery wheel that uses Bai Gangyu is better, its performance is strong and fragile, and the cutting blade with easy new generation, cutting force is accordingly small, grinding heat is lesser, medium size is used on granuality, if 46~60 a list of things is better, go up in emery wheel hardness the kind in using is soft (ZR1, ZR2 and R1, R2) , namely the emery wheel of thick granuality, low hardness, from encourage the gender can reduce heat in metal cutting very much. The emery wheel with the proper choice when essence of life is ground is very important, the state of tall vanadium tall molybdenum that is aimed at mould rolled steel, choose emery wheel of corundum of GD single crystal to suit quite, should machine hard alloy, quench when the stuff with expensive hardness, preferential the diamond emery wheel that uses organic binder, it is good that organic binder emery wheel grinds a gender oneself, grind the workpiece surface roughness that go out to be able to amount to Ra0.

2μm, in recent years, as the application of new material, CBN(cubic nitrogen changes boron) emery wheel shows very good treatment result, shape in numerical control the finish machining on the cylindrical grinder inside grinder, coordinate grinder, CNC, emery wheel of sort of effect excel other. In grinding treatment, want to notice seasonable nap emery wheel, those who hold emery wheel is keen, after emery wheel passivation, can slip in workpiece surface brush, extruding, cause workpiece surface burn, intensity is reduced. 2, lubricating fluid of reasonable use refrigeration, develop cooling, catharsis, lubricant 3 your work to use, maintain cooling and lubricant cleanness, control grinding heat to be inside limit thereby, be out of shape in order to prevent workpiece heat. Improve the cooling condition when grinding, if use oiled emery wheel or inside the measure such as cooling emery wheel. Introduce cutting juice the center of emery wheel, cutting fluid can enter grinding area directly, produce significant cooling effect, prevent workpiece surface burn. 3, heat treatment after quench stress drops lowermost limit, because quench organization of stress, meshy carbonization is below the action of grinding force, constituent generation becomes extremely easy to make workpiece produces crackle. To high accuracy mould the leftover stress to eliminate grinding, microtherm ageing treatment should have after grinding in order to raise tenacity. 4, eliminate grinding stress to also can be the mould in bath of 260~315 ℃ salt dip 1.

5 Min, cool in 30 ℃ oil next, such hardness can drop 1HRC, rudimental stress reduces 40%~65% . 5, be in to dimension public errand 0.

The accurate grinding of the exact pattern of 01 Mm less than should note the effect of environmental temperature, grinding of requirement constant temperature. By computation knowable, the steel with long 300 Mm, difference in temperature when 3 ℃ , material has 10.

The change that 8μm controls, (10.


2×3×3, every 100mm deflection 1.

2μm/ ℃ ) , working procedure of each finish machining needs mature the influence of this one element. 6, use electroanalysis grinding treatment, improve a mould to produce precision and exterior quality. Electroanalysis when grinding, does emery wheel blow deoxidize to change velar: ? ? of fish hawk of Gu of ハ of  emperor quiet grinding force is consequently small, grinding heat is small also, won't produce the phenomenon such as grinding burr, crackle, burn, general surface surface roughness but excel Ra0.

16μm; is additional, of emery wheel wear away place is little, be like grinding hard alloy, the wear extent of carborundum emery wheel is the 400%~600% of the hard alloy weight that grinds ream about, with electroanalysis when grinding, the wear extent of emery wheel has hard alloy to grind the 50%~100% that divides an amount only. 7, dosage of logical choice grinding, use the essence with lesser radial feed to grind a method careful even grinding. If reduce radial feed and emery wheel rate appropriately, increase axial feed, make emery wheel and workpiece contact area decrease, medicinal powder hot condition gets ameliorative, control those who express a temperature effectively to rise thereby. CNC Milling