Compose of system of large production business management builds research

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As management innovation and the abidance that optimize improvement to work are advanced, our country's lead production company especially honest all previous wears large production company or preliminary finished in the light of microcosmic local perhaps government is optimized, these administrative practice are introduced in great quantities normally and use advanced management technology, with masterstroke of flow actor melt into, the content such as evaluation of system of structure of the strategic management to the enterprise, organization, system, quality management, workmanship and pull current Cheng, performance, post and duty division of labor undertook be combinged in the round with optimize, in the meantime, around all sorts of government demand, applied IT method to build all sorts of business to prop up platform, these innovation practice were brought to the enterprise more apparent local optimize performance [1] . As the ceaseless development that runs innovation practice, local be optimized continuously and whole did not see improvement is local perhaps improve and whole is appearing ceaselessly without the problem of effect, "From local improvement quantitative change promotes qualitative change to whole " change cannot be formed from beginning to end. Appear even all sorts of optimizing the phenomenon with means and mutual and mutual conflict, incompatible standard, in the meantime, the respect such as the requirement that all sorts of right optimizing, limits, interface, deepness holds measure undeserved, cause actor chemical industry to make performance drop, excessive optimize or form of surface layer of bureau be confined to, perhaps can obtain short-term effect only and cannot form what can last to accumulate the problem such as achievement, to management innovation is advanced continuously bring a barrier, the target that makes whole of business management level promotes comes true hard. Accordingly, unified optimize target and standard, from company business comprehensive canal controls the height that improves with whole, the train of thought that optimizes management by overall situation will begin local with microcosmic optimizing ability is correct optimize a course, ability is obtained finally with local optimize develop the effect that will realize whole to promote continuously, the administrative step that takes systematization and method are the right strategy that achieves goal of this one administration effectively [2-3] , and the compose that runs a system proposes the fundamental approach that achieves this one goal just about. In the administrative innovation practice of current business, administrative system term is used more frequent, but lack rigorous sex [4] . Relevant research is centered in quality, safety and environment to wait for oneself of single management system mostly, the respect such as measure of the condition that the related concern between element, each subsystem and administrative system comprise to build related overall to business management system framework, system, construction and content, the research that still lacks a standard domestic and internationally and can offer the gain that consult [5-7] . Emphasizing flow optimizing especially with give somebody a new lease on life today, the system of production business management that how plans to be based on business flow carries a framework on the head, compose builds what be core with flow to all sorts of major run a system and realize much system to cooperate with conformity and move effectively, the main task that makes current and large production company advance administrative system to build urgent need thrash out [8-9] . Administrative system connotation concept of 1 management system and classified international Organization for Standardization think: The system is a group of element that point to mutual correlation or interaction, running a system is to point to the system that establish guiding principle and goal and achieves these goals. "Running a system is the principle that uses systematic project, the administrative element that defines a goal to realize some and administrative activity, form organic whole, form can ego tie, ego runs a mechanism perfectly, carry out effectively through its, target of final implementation business management " [10] . The article thinks: Running a system is around implementation a certain specific government target, a of mutual and perforative whole process, harmonious, coact specific complex system, include to manage the fundamental management element such as object and limits, origanization construction, post, flow, system, standard, activity, resource, culture, problem. According to the administrative target with specific system, can differentiate its to manage for direct canal system and indirect management system. System of alleged and direct management is the scientific research production that shows administrative target is aimed at an enterprise directly and business development need, perhaps saying is manage frame with company flow the runs a function to answer relatively business of 3 administrative levels system, and indirect management system is the technology that provides support to manage systematic compose to build directly system. The identifying of 2 management system the administrative system of the enterprise is not more better, the real need of the complex degree that needs fibrous root occupies company business, management will decide whether compose is built or compose builds what management system, must point out: Each manage systematic guiding principle and end, must be subject to and serve at the enterprise overall policy and target, if deviate this direction, this construction that runs a system lost meaning and value, it is harmful even [11] . The administrative system that lead builds at demand compose can bring about needless management to complication with cost. Generally speaking, the requirement that business management system exists is: (1) a specific administrative requirement and corresponding administrative target are an enterprise long-term goal. (2) the content that should realize a target to need to manage is more than and every management content involves a group of relevant flow and many management element. (3) there is complex administrative concern between many management content, the methodological talent that must use a system manages effectively. The key that the systematic composition content that is based on flow studies to flow is a system constitutes element [12] , a lot of system element needs organic ground leech on to these flow develop his to govern a function. To achieve the administrative goal with specific system, administrative system element must be together by specific logistic combination, abide by corresponding causal determine its condition and content, form the cohesion concern with mutual complementary depend on sb or sth for existence, produce respective function and effect, when compose builds a system, each system element should follow the following pattern: (1) it is an object with client or administrative demand, by client demand the decision organizes the strategy, decide frame of flow of core business, business and system frame again, decide systematic correspondence thereby advocate business flow. (2) the function of the setting that the flow of every specific professional work in the system decides to flow runs node and node and regulation, the post of corresponding organization reachs its duty; The post gather of node forms corresponding origanization construction, the function of node criterion the assemble forms constituent function, the node regulation entry that ensures business service requirement forms the system of relevant business and organization, these systematic element have strong logistic correlated characteristics, must undertake by administrative target and demand strict design and configuration ability produce effect effectively. If the graph is shown 1 times, solid line expresses direct and relevant, dotted line is indirect correlativity. Running a system is an enterprise of all sorts of management element put in collect 's charge. Fasten the cause and effect between element according to above body appurtenant relation, when enterprise or organization are undertaking the file such as post manual, constituent function manual weaves, want the requirement that comply with system runs in the respect such as content and form, post manual and function manual cannot too qualitative change and disperse is changed, should be opposite with flow the requirement correspondence of post rises, satisfy the need that systematic flow runs, performance is measured when also wanting to move with the system with assessment of each element quantify data to be operated for the basis. Framework of Nextpage management system designs 1 flow to manage frame to plan to classification according to operation of strategy of contemporary industry group the need that integrated canal accuses, large production company adopts linear function type to organize a structure normally [13] , canal of cent strategy management, business accuses and carry out management 3. The point of view that three-layer organization structure dominates from the canal parts corresponding and decision-making layer, canal accuses layer and executive layer [14] . According to APQC(America Product&Frame of Quality Center) flow and wave special offer are worth catenary model and mature canal accuses operation and statified the need that implement, the organization of referenced enterprise runs a model, the article manages the flow of large production company frame to differentiate it is 3, it is strategic flow respectively, advocate value flow and business (manage) the flow that prop up, if the graph is shown 2 times, conduce to the maneuverability that improves flow management and administrative system. This model has the following characteristic: (1) flow frame and constituent model are statified and corresponding, make constituent function and corresponding flow complete and corresponding, be helpful for an organization be in charge of those who dominate an end to put in collect and classified implementation 's charge, the compose that is helpful for running a system is built. (2) strategic flow correspondence is decision-making layer, advocate value flow correspondence produces chain of value of proprietor of an enterprise, business props up flow correspondence to support safeguard department, make flow administrative levels clear, press kind of government, the program of the favorable news platform that prop up and carry out. Framework of 2 management system plans to build system of a management the mainest reason of overall framework, it is to solve the development that runs in the enterprise and increasingly complex major to manage system and administrative base to build a problem, the management of the theory that overall framework adopts a system, flow, tool, pattern plate and structuralization, leader and the health that support an industry grow, promote business effectively to develop [15] . Manage frame according to flow each flow, change each technological process into corresponding administrative function, administrative function classify amalgamative abstraction is kinds government is big, establish systematic framework in order to manage kinds big for the object. To kinds of the flow of same arrangement is large corresponding system, can establish fictitious system beforehand according to need, the construction that fictitious system plans to be prospective management system as the system provides guidance, once demand is mature, fictitious system will become solid by empty, the actual form that has a system is built with move. Provide the demand that control according to flow frame and unifinication of operation of production company strategy, the administrative system of large production company consults the framework presses a plan commonly 3 show a program, can spread out according to effective demand, fractionize, it is to point to direct system framework normally. 3 systems concern in coordination 3 management system can become independent respectively compose is built. The relation between 3 systems is one kind is based on strategic operation what the canal accuses is fore-and-aft cooperate with compositive relation. The relation between the system in same arrangement is the focal point that runs systematic impact research, this kind of relation includes to cooperate with, conflict, repeat, include, appurtenant wait for content, when undertaking systematic compose is built, the paratactic system that must make same arrangement system medium avoids to repeat each other, conflict, include, the system that makes logistic correlation concerns maintains agree in coordination, if two individual departments are put in depend on sb or sth for existence to concern, need determines the appurtenant impact of two individual departments. Administrative system compose builds research 1 compose builds compose of measure management system can press " 5 footwork " undertake: (1) certain company strategy. (2) comb core business, identify bottleneck flow. (3) build business flow to manage frame. (4) compose establishs framework of administrative system reference. (5) systematic content construction and conformity. Mature to the condition system undertakes content is built. The principle of bottom-up is followed when Nextpage system is built, namely: First compose builds the most rock-bottom system, system of corresponding on one class is built again when the condition is mature, final form builds a layer management system, this kind of compose builds a method to be able to make systematic compose is built have an operation more gender, have specific aim more and be helpful for be the same as a system between concern in coordination build. After systematic content construction is finished, still need to undertake unifinication conformity of the system works, its purpose depends on applying in coordination politic, the government of many management system element has classify, amalgamative, make its cooperate with, come true thereby " turn the process that comes from many management system into finally to cooperate with integratedly process " [the purpose of 16] , make the element such as the technological process that the administrative system of the enterprise involves, organization, post, system and resource balanced in coordination, avoid conflict, produce effect better. Although the element that system of management of content of 2 main construction contains and content are very much, but be to be the administrative target with specific implementation to serve, need goes to these element and content conformity in administrative frame of the system. The article uses balance plan to divide calorie of BSC (Balanced Scorecard) 4 dimension are given rank the integrated frame that the structure regards systematic government as [17] , if the watch is shown 1 times, all sorts of element that the system involves, target all can arrive according to propping up relation conformity in the 4 dimension watch of BSC, can build the system through this watch involves content dominance is changed and quantify further through plan cent card, the construction that is a system thereby offers more immediate demand and tie, make the construction that runs a system has specific aim more, enhance effectiveness. Company of case analysis A is large production enterprise, advocate industry product breed much, batch small, structure complex, production difficulty is great, plan, quality, cost and risk management are difficult. The course counts exploration of 10 years, a company realises stage by stage, type of the drop that faces single goal, line manages a method to all reach administrative goal effectively hard, the problem such as attend to one thing and lose another, mutual conflict is eliminated hard, the administrative method gift that must accept systematization is in reach a certain administration goal while unite of implementation management in coordination, for this, a company is advancing flow to comb, optimize, the system is built and strengthen fundamental management while, strengthened administrative system to build strength, the attempt put forward company management system to carry frame of layer structure reference on the head, if the watch is shown 2 times, try to coordinate a variety of management element from the angle of system and whole, resolve all sorts of management contradiction, satisfy requirement of of all kinds government, realize each level to manage an end, promote the general management of the company the standard from whole, the mutual conflict that prevents to manage force and use up. The Cheng of 3 laminar flow that this layer consults frame is used by the company manages frame fore-and-aft differentiate to be mixed for management of operation of the strategy, business advocate value catenary manages 3, transverse cent is 3 class, from freely two direction covered each fields of production of company scientific research and business operation in the round, the compose that manages setting of element of method application, management and resource allocation, informatization to prop up platform for all sorts of specific professional work builds the high end that offerred to face an enterprise to develop the strategy to optimize standard and referenced framework, this reference frame is OK adjust ceaselessly in practice, complement and perfect. Current, the business development need that all sorts of compose that manage system, subsystem build the job to pressing a company and administrative innovation plan to be advanced in order. The key after last word system enters high level as management builds content, OK and effective conformity sheds Cheng and relevant management element, accordingly, build with systematic compose to guide executive innovation, can avoid effectively or eliminate large production business management innovation nearsightedness and optimize an activity to suffer be restricted to wait for a problem. Our country is large production enterprise especially business of mainstay of state-owned military project had experienced key needle play a game of chess at present ministry and microcosmic the level of administrative innovation foundation that has optimizing ameliorative, want to realize the quantitative change that improves continuously to promote the leap of qualitative change to integral level of management, must undertake to the administrative system of the enterprise whole plans, with systematic construction and carry behavior guiding carries out all sorts of innovation and improvement, the effectiveness that this innovates to rising and level of management of operation of promotion business whole are very fundamental, this one practice is had likewise to the administrative practice of medium and small businesses draw lessons from value. CNC Milling