Roller of the first high pressure of Chinese is ground machine get offline

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Recently, roller of the first high pressure of Chinese is ground machine in in research and development of company of letter serious aircraft makes a success. This indicates roller grinds a high pressure machine this one international is burgeoning careful pink grinds metallurgy equipment came true homebred change. It is reported, letter serious chance is opposite this in " China the first " own completely own intellectual property. As we have learned, the high-pressured roller that is used at requirement of round preparation of pink of molar iron concentrate, contented ball is ground machine, begin to be popularized in European developed country at the beginning of this century, before this, home introduced 2 Germany to produce high-pressured roller to grind kind of product only. The roller of this high pressure that heavy mechanism believes to build in grinds machine roller diameter to amount to 1.

2 meters, horary processing ore 180 tons. Current, this roller is ground machine already growing manage steely group sintering plant ball group is cast in Cheng of roller grinding work with, only this one can make long steel group reduces steel-making cost every year many yuan 1000. Current, the letter weighed aircraft company to had declared patent to the country in, next, this product will be popularized in the round in domestic metallurgy market. CNC Milling