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As people life quality rise and the abidance that Chinese government serves a field in public health and Medical Protection is devoted, chinese market is swift and violent to the demand growth of medical apparatus and instruments. However market competition is increasingly intense also, especially high-end medical apparatus and instruments and appliance market, domestic industry rises product quality to compete with entrance product through craft innovation urgently. Group of Er of rice of strange summer of Swiss GF A regards the world as the systematic supplier of top-ranking industry pattern and industry of treatment of nice spare parts, the application that regards a key as the accurate processing technique that develops medical treatment field from beginning to end develops a field, developed the high speed that suits medical treatment to process application high-powered machining center and discharge treatment machine tool and relevant craft use a technology, improved the treatment quality of relevant spare parts and treatment efficiency greatly, because of this GF Ajixiamier became medical treatment technology to machine a domain worldwide inside first-rate treatment facilities supplier, its product machines an enterprise to have application in the famous medical apparatus and instruments of world each district. Current, a key that the treatment of embedded content is Mill machine tool of GF A Jixia applies the orthopaedics with domestic rapid development domain. Embedded content uses orthopaedics more titanium alloy or stainless steel, main part has hammer of board of set a bone, artificial joint, bone and file of auxiliary tool bone to wait. Article general with file of board of set a bone, bone and the treatment that knee joint bone fills up are for the exemple bright use high speed the advantage of spare parts of medical apparatus and instruments of treatment of high-powered milling machining center and GF A Jixia the user of medical treatment industry of Mill and China. Treatment of board of set a bone applies board of set a bone mediumly to use titanium alloy data more, cent is different norms measurement, every kinds of dimension has particular batch demand, because this belongs to production of much breed small lot, flexible to machining the treatment of efficiency and equipment the demand is very high. The exterior figure of board of set a bone is three-dimensional curved surface, distributinging on three-dimensional curved surface many via. As a result of the normal coincide of aperture center line and curved surface, because each this aperture centers are mutual not parallel, if use a tradition to machine a method, in common fixed position treatment is used for many times on machining center of 3 axes vertical, efficiency is low, precision consistency is poor, and clamping apparatus is complex. The 5 rods of MIKRON UCP600 Vario that use GF A strange Xia Mier to be treatment of small-sized and nice spare parts to roll out only high speed machining center, main shaft of report of configuration 20000r/min high speed will undertake machining, swing through workbench fixed position, whole treatment is completed below the case that can assemble clip in workpiece, saved the many time that hold clip, raised the precision consistency of workpiece. However the user discovers in treatment, although machine efficiency to rise greatly, but still fail to achieve optimal status. Client hope use special fixture holds clip many workpiece undertake machining, but discovery has interference in the cutting tool when many workpiece are machined and workbench. The applied engineer of China of Er of rice of GF A strange summer undertook an analysis to the craft of the user, the clamping apparatus height that discovers because the user is designed,interference problem is is too low, 80mm of heighten of proposal general clamping apparatus, can place 4 workpiece with fashionable dress so, and the knife handle that can use average length, increased efficiency to reduce cutting tool to purchase cost again already. The instead of craft of rough machining bore that the engineer suggests will former ­ comes at the same time uses hole milling of interpolation of ball head milling cutter, such some of client former ­ 11 knives, change a knife 13 times to reduce 8 knives, change a knife 8 times. Because install clip to plan is improved and change knife time,decrease merely, the time that attends on average in every workpiece decreased 2.

4min, place 4 workpiece as a result of outfit at the same time, still saved C axis and B axis to rotate the time of fixed position probably every 1.

5min. Spend the time with craft economic institute plus actor, the handling time of individual spare parts shortens from original 24min40s 18min30s, efficiency rises 25% , the user is very satisfactory. Bone file machines medium applied bone file to regard orthopaedics as the main tool of the operation, appearance complex and material hardness is big, need uses machine tool of 5 axes linkage to machine. To long bone file, because figure is slim, if use common the arm of force when outfit of vertical of 5 axes machine tool places treatment is too chief, and use longer cutting tool to avoid to interfere need, treatment tigidity is very poor, vibration is very big. The MIKRON UCP 600 Vario RTT of GF A strange Xia Mier is to use torque electric machinery the machining center of high speed of 5 axes linkage of direct drive workbench, big workbench swings the main shaft of high speed report of limits and 20000r/min made sure bone file is complex the treatment of appearance. This machine tool is compositive automatic tailstock system, can two end clip holds work, workbench swings to undertake machining to horizontal position. And it is 5 axes circumgyrate only kind the moderate of workbench area size that the spare parts designs, averted cutting tool interference, can choose the cutting tool of normal length. At the same time the pressure of tailstock tip can adjust according to different spare parts, assured to install the stability of clip, the vibration in treatment decreases apparently, can achieve the treatment result of high quality consequently. Treatment of mat of knee joint bone applies mat of knee joint bone mediumly to use data of high polymer polyethylene, three-dimensional outline curved surface, bright and clean to the surface spent demand is higher. This kind of material suits to use high speed milling very much, can use engorge knife to measure high rotate speed to machine, improve treatment efficiency not only, and improve exterior quality greatly. Use machining center of vertical of milling of high speed of Mill MIKRON HSM 500 of GF A Jixia, configure main shaft of report of 42000r/min high speed, use hard alloy of whole of thick, finish machining to establish milling cutter each one, finish machining uses full rotate speed (42000r/min) undertake machining, the 23min when whole treatment is used only, exterior surface roughness can achieve Ra0.

4 μ M. Brief summary machines example to be able to see through above, use advanced treatment facilities and applied technology, can improve the treatment quality of spare parts of key of medical treatment domain and treatment efficiency greatly. The manufacturing characteristic of the small lot in the much breed as a result of spare parts of medical treatment domain, when choosing a machine tool must mature the adaptability that its machine flexibility and craft. And the applied technology actual strength of the supplier also nots allow small gaze, some users purchased the high-grade machine tool of well-known trademark not to develop very good effectiveness however, the applied support that main former ­ is manufacturer so is inadequate, the more sophisticated machine tool equipment needs strong application to support the more, and the partner that group of Er of rice of strange summer of Swiss GF A also depends on powerful applied technology actual strength to become medical treatment to machine a domain to be worth a client to trust most just about. CNC Milling