About dynamoelectric the design of the machine that fold a turn and optimize an analysis

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System of computerized numerical control (Computer Numerical Control, CNC) is to use the computer to control treatment process, implement digital pilot system, its are comprised by hardware and software, have versatility tall, function abounds strong, dependability, the characteristic such as Electromechanical unifinication, the basic function such as implementation control, interpolation, feed and compensation, graph edits and can show wait for choice function. Have at present but sex of each other operation, can transplant the gender, open mode numerical control that can develop the good point such as the gender 2 times the system is advanced the important research domain of production technology. 1. Dynamoelectric the action analysis of the machine that fold a turn folds curved machine to produce the effect with rising very main in treatment in Ban gold. The machine that fold a turn is to be used at producing size demand of accuracy of big, appearance is higher, opposite radius of bend changes greatly curvature profile, already developed become board makings to fold a turn to shape the main technique carrier of the industry. Accordingly, machine of 50% discount turn controls systematic research to also be in ceaseless development. Fold system of curved engine numerical control to holding absolutely dominant position in domestic fluid profiling at present, but its consolidate model with all hydraulic pressure departments, have crock of easy pollution environment, hydraulic pressure to answer efficiency of slow, production low, structure cost of relatively complex, maintenance is more advanced defect, and go up oneself the century is improved without great skill again since 80 time. Be based on servo electric machinery the technology of numerical control of the engine that fold a turn of direct drive is a burgeoning technology. Still a kind of open mode that is based on a PC breaks system of curved engine numerical control, designed the position that is based on CPLD to control Kalaishi to show a number - pulse servo interface and function of interface of O of other I / , but it is to the implementation folding a turn of material by hydraulic pressure the system is finished. The open form that the article offers a kind to be based on a PC is dynamoelectric system of numerical control of the engine that fold a turn, it uses servo electric machinery direct drive slide block, in slide block collateral structure means is used on the synchro control of two end, in the meantime, it uses the software structure of EMC2 of software of the hardware structure that is based on PC, motion to control interface board card, servo and operating system of real time Linux, professional numerical control. The experiment proves, this system has cost low, dependability is advanced advantage; Be opposite of material fold a turn to go up, the fixed position precision of X axis and Y axis can satisfy industry to ask actually well. 2. Dynamoelectric the hardware that folds system of curved engine numerical control to design this system basically controls apparatus of electric machinery of actuating device of interface board card, servo, servo and feedback by PC, motion 5 parts composition. The PC realizes the administrative function of whole system, choose RTLinux to operate platform as systematic software, the man-machine that implements a system through EMC2 of numerical control software operates interface and task allocation, the positional data that shows each axis in real time and all sorts of state information, face athletic control plate through this bound card sends control to dictate, thereby the control folding a turn that drive servo realizes pair of board makings. Motion controls interface board to get stuck advocate accuse chip to use FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Array, the spot but) of array of process designing door, board card undertakes conjoint through PCI bus line and PC, receive the order that PC hair comes down on one hand, on the other hand real time feedback gives a PC the positional data of each axis and systematic condition information. The information of buy of position of axle that comes back to grating feet feedback and undertake comparative to emplacement information, realize the closed-loop control of systematic position, adjust the displacement of each axis ceaselessly then through servo interface, assure to fold a turn to control the implementation of precision thereby. Servo actuating device and servo electric machinery realize pair of archives after X axis the drive of slide block of axis of makings board, Y, servo electric machinery takes coder to realize the closed-loop control of electric machinery speed oneself; Grating feet regards feedback as device, feedback the positional data of Y axis slide block to control interface board card to undertake handling with motion in real time, make the closed-loop control of system of slide block place. 3. Brief introduction of principle of work of the engine that fold a turn folds curved machine to basically realize the free movement of two direction, the level that the archives after be respectively expects moves (namely in the article move by axis of X of pilot of servo electric machinery) with slide block the motion of perpendicular direction (namely in the article move by axis of Y of pilot of servo electric machinery) . Its use definite general pattern, through dominating the niche of X axis and Y axis, can lose the part of appearance. Specific implementation process is: The Bian Changhe folding a turn that makings board blocks to move to restrict the workpiece that fold a turn to one firm position above all after loses curved seat, slide block bends angle to drop according to what needing to fold to certain deepness undertakes folding a turn inside lower mould, return next, till fold curved workpiece treatment to end,repeat above process. Numerical control folds the advantage of curved machine to decide to control precision at it greatly, basically reflect in slide block on the synchronous sex problem of two end. Be based on servo electric machinery of direct drive dynamoelectric sex of two upright synchronism controls slide block of the machine that fold a turn on, use structure of principal and subordinate and collateral structure commonly two kinds of means. As a result of collateral structure means not easy generation accumulates fixed position error, produce syntonic phenomenon not easily also, can make the system has stronger interference rejection capacity. Because this systematic design is high-power to break curved system, slide block bridge is longer, segment of a circle happens to bend when folding a turn to exert oneself to do sth. downward to prevent slide block bridge effectively to be in and the parallelism that raises slide block, make precision of the control that fold a turn better, used 3 column that prop up and 3 servo electric machinery collective drive slide block undertakes folding a turn, find a place for respectively the Zun Duan in slide block (Y1 axis) , in upright (Y2 axis) with right end (Y3 axis) , among them, y1 and Y2 axis each other are principal and subordinate, Y2 and Y3 axis also each other is principal and subordinate. 3 servo electric machinery mutual after obtaining same position to dictate at the same time harmonious synchronism moves, lest slide block tilts,cause the precision that fold a turn to drop even damage. This also is numerical control folds curved machine to distinguish the differentia at machine tool of ordinary numerical control and difficulty. To make sure 3 axes are in any hour position error control the limits in the regulation inside, the synchronism that realizes slide block thereby is mobile. 4. The last word is dynamoelectric the trend that the machine that fold a turn is development of the machine that fold a turn, and the mainstream direction that system of open mode numerical control is development of numerical control system, rise both union, the solid that can overcome traditional hydraulic pressure to lose curved chance not only is faulty, and can reduce systematic cost well, make the system has higher sexual price to compare. The open mode high-power that the article designs is dynamoelectric system of numerical control of the engine that fold a turn, use PC, motion to control the construction of interface board card and servo, the means of collateral structure is used on Y axis, use==Stage servo electric machinery goes the motion of collective drive slide block, make a system stabler, control precision is taller, also have open sex, soft hardware at the same time rich, can transplant the gender is good, interactive convenient wait for an advantage. Experimental test and verify, the fixed position precision on X axis and Y axis achieved the system to satisfy industry to ask actually well. On the other hand, systematic GUI remains to be improved further, make GUI more concise and beautiful; Use sexual price to compare higher equipment, raise a system to handle ability to the operation of feedback data, can reduce a system further cost and raise precision of the control that fold a turn, this hopeful is issueing the implementation in the research of one phase. CNC Milling