Technology of C8312 journal lathe tackles key problem discuss

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Summary: Be aimed at the circumstance of C8312 journal lathe, via actual try out, observation, combine specific case study, analysis, undertake the technology tackles key problem. Keyword: C8312 journal lathe; Problem; The technology tackles key problem the turning of the wheel pair journal that this lathe basically uses at gauge to be 1435mm and roll the special machine tool that presses the scaleboard outside reaching turning, its machine journal limits to be Φ 113 ~ 203mm; The diameter of rolling tread circle of wheel pair is Φ 840 ~ 1120mm, the axis grows limits to be 2197 ~ 2552mm. This machine tool enlists in army time is long, belong to fall into disuse model equipment, in the near future production is used in, when this journal lathe machines journal, dimension out of tolerance, cannot satisfy manufacturing requirement, movement of loop of hydraulic pressure system cannot come true normally; The working rate of executive component has marked change below load, the machine tool uses condition extreme difference. Although be overhauled via a few, also did not restore its to use a function, hind via actual try out, observation, union specific case study analyses as follows: 1 loop movement cannot achieve rate of automation of this machine tool normally tall, the working loop of system of machine tool hydraulic pressure is complex. The proper implementation that the job circulates, what basically rely on the control signal that has certain order and law is correct give out. Be transmitted correctly and carry out correctly, the relationship such as the forms control and hydraulic pressure component mass of this and systematic loop is very close. 1.

1 cannot issue control signal. This may be journey switch contact undesirable or attaint, electric perhaps circuit opens circuit, short circuit cause, below this kind of circumstance, electromagnetism a powerful person does not have a movement, must microscope, repair or change journey switch, make electric circuit expedite. 1.

2 electric circuit or pipeline receive a fault, cause a system to produce misoperation, should contrast systematic principle pursues or electric circuit attempt corrects an error respectively. 1.

3 electromagnetism a powerful person is out of order, cause by a variety of reasons, answer to eliminate respectively. ① voltage is too low, electromagnetism power is insufficient, it is normal to should check working voltage, make its are equal to rated voltage as far as possible. ② bedspring is too hard, electromagnetism force cannot core of drive a powerful person or family, should change the bedspring of proper stiffness. ③ bedspring is too soft, core of a powerful person cannot restoration, also should change bedspring. Insulation of ④ electro-magnet coil is undesirable, or core and pilot valve axes are different axis, should tear open check and repair. Core of ⑤ a powerful person produces hydraulic pressure to block close phenomenon, should fold discharge to clean, grind compound gap, after card is close, electromagnetism coil is burned-out already, should change electromagnetism a powerful person. 1.

4 pilot valve are out of order, cause a system cannot normal motion. Its reason has two: ① is contamination jams be reached should disassemble clean; ② is radial of core of a powerful person gets power lopsided Dou Yingxiu of these two kinds of circumstances core of answer a powerful person. Hind one kind still can open pressure to balance groove. 1.

5 pipeline jam, or the access of a powerful person jams, make its are in inadequacy of spur track oil pressure to be supplied without oil even, should disassemble clean corresponding pipeline and a powerful person. 1.

6 leak are serious, cause thrust inadequacy, oily capacity is insufficient. Besides the discharge outside taking strict precautions against, must notice pilot valve and oil cylinder inside leak. When the gap between pilot valve and body of a powerful person is too big, tall, low-pressure oil will connect, at this moment a large number of oil flow to arrive directly through clearance an oil pocket, accordingly, should core of redo a powerful person, or change pilot valve. The sealed function of oil cylinder piston not beautiful, or weather strip attaint, will bring about the oily fluid that enters oil cylinder to flow into an oil pocket through clearance, part of one's job fastens a circumstance, change weather strip, or sheet matchs a piston (need not the oil cylinder of weather strip) . Kind circumstance, the return that appropriate separates the return of mutual interference into mutual depart (use each not same oil pump to offer oil respectively namely) , perhaps use one-way a powerful person, pressure-relief valve, sequence valve to wait, made each other noninterference. 1.

8 give working oil path and control oil path to offer oil at the same time with an oil pump, when actuating pressure is low, if carry condition to perhaps be in condition of discharge carry on one's shoulder for nothing, cause control oil path probably to drive fluid to use a powerful person without enough pressure, cannot issue the control signal of next act, consequently the movement cannot come true. So, answer to increase back pressure a powerful person or sequence valve in the proper place of loop according to actual condition. 1.

9 lubricant inadequate, friction increases, cause systematic movement possibly also abnormal, answer to adjust the pressure of lube and flow appropriately. The working rate of 2 executive component has marked change below load the executive component of system of its hydraulic pressure is in this machine tool to carry a circumstance to fall for nothing, can achieve formulary rate, but fall in laden action, its job rate appears to change significantly, this kind of change basically is to drop, and the working rate with due short of, this machines what affect a machine tool directly precision and efficiency. Appear the main reason of this kind of breakdown is leak increases as pressure heighten, still have a few otherer reason. Specific as follows: 2.

1 system pressure lays in inadequacy, cannot arise to urge laden force enoughly, should increase systematic pressure appropriately, check through relapsing, can adjust appropriately. 2.

Viscosity of 2 oily fluid is too low, below laden action, systematic pressure is remarkable heighten, consequently leak raises quickly, as a result is measured at doing not have enough oil, cannot produce enough working rate consequently. Change appropriately in the light of this kind of circumstance the hydraulic pressure with higher viscosity is oily. 2.

A large number of 3 air enter hydraulic pressure system, make oily synthesis accumulates stretch model quantity to be reduced quickly, systematic drive tigidity drops significantly, make a system not stable even, generation noise, quicken oily liquid oxygen to change metamorphism, oscillatory aggravate. Accordingly, must take strong step, prevent air to enter a system, and will already the air of interfuse eliminates. 2.

4 systems design is unreasonable, if choice of pattern of reduce expenditure timing is undeserved, when load when change is bigger, the oily amount that enters executive component also produces change, consequently working rate also changes subsequently. Encounter this kind of situation changeable unreasonable loop, if use the reduce expenditure that answer oil to replace the reduce expenditure that receive oil; Or with pressure feedback loop, the discharge that assures to enter actuator is bordering on changeless, the working rate that makes carry out component thereby does not follow load and change. 2.

Mix in 5 oily fluid have foreign matter, jammed reduce expenditure alveolus or aperture, or slide valve gets stuck dead, make hydraulic pressure element cannot work normally thereby. Should disassemble clean concerned component, add oil purifier, ensure outside impurity cannot interfuse system, should clean oil purifier regularly and change Chen You. 2.

6 oil are lukewarm exorbitant, make oily viscosity drops too big, make leak raises not only, and make lube film intensity becomes poor, lubricant effect is distinct slacken, cause addle of systematic work character, should the specific reason with basis oily fast temperature rise, adopt prevent accordingly and drop in temperature measure. 2.

7 systematic pressure heighten falls in laden action, electromotor power is insufficient, calorific, even rotate speed drops, consequently the discharge discharging oil of pump decreases, the rate of executive component falls. Work to make sure the system is regular, should increase electromotor power. 2.

Of 8 pistons and oily cylinder body cooperate clearance too big, below laden action, systematic pressure increases, the leak inside oil cylinder also raises, because of short of of this job rate. Should check cooperate clearance, its the value maintains in 0.

02 ~ 0.

06mm, can add sealing ring when necessary. 2.

The slip range of 9 slideway is narrow, below laden action, lube is entered hard move relatively use cell between, be cut off even, to make slideway face grinds obstruction increases, real load increases the system, the pressure of original setting cannot drive load. Can increase the pressure of lube appropriately and increase oily amount, make sure slideway lubricates adequately. 2.

10 fall in laden action, the output discharge of pump decreases quickly. This may be caused by the reason of two respects, the interior spare parts that is pump on one hand wears away serious or attaint; On the other hand the reason is variable orgnaization the job is bad. 2.

The setting value of 11 sequence valve and overflow a powerful person is too adjacent, when laden change, systematic pressure produces wave motion, when making leave when sequence valve thereby, shut, supply oil cylinder or motor discharge produce change subsequently; Should readjust sequence valve and overflow a powerful person, make both pressure holds necessary poor cost. Those who pass above measure carry out, the precision of this machine tool is able to restore, satisfied manufacturing requirement. CNC Milling