Planar treatment method and part of planar treatment program (below)

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3, grinding plane grinding and other surface grinding are same, have cutting rate precision of small, dimension controls tall, feed easily reach can obtain lesser exterior surface roughness the characteristic such as the value, treatment precision can amount to IT7~IT5 class commonly, the value can amount to exterior surface roughness Ra1.


2 μ M. The treatment quality of planar grinding is higher than dig and mill, and still can machine hard part of temper by dipping in water, consequently multi-purpose the semifinishing machining at the spare parts and finish machining. When production lot is bigger, the planar and commonly used grinding of casing comes finish machining. It is when the planar grinding with machining complex bigger stiffness, can use heavy-cut grinding, can mix to tall hardness material not only quench the surface has precision work, and return the semifinished product plane with can crustaceous to taking, evener surplus to undertake rough machining. At the same time planar grinding can work in electromagnetism many parts are installed at the same time on platform, have successive treatment, accordingly, what maintain certain measure precision and mutual position precision to needing in finish machining is medium or small for the surface of the spare parts, machine quality not only tall, and can obtain taller productivity. Planar grinding means has plane abrasion and end to grind two kinds. 1, plane abrasion is shown like graph 8-10a place, the working face of emery wheel is circumferential surface, the emery wheel when grinding and workpiece contact area are small, calorific small, medicinal powder it is good to heat up bits of fast, platoon and cooling condition, because this can acquire taller treatment precision and exterior quality, apply to the spare parts with treatment precision higher demand normally. But because plane abrasion uses discontinuous transverse feed, productivity is consequently inferior. 2, if graph 8-10b place is shown,end is ground, emery wheel working face is end panel. Axis of the wheelhead when grinding extends length weak point, tigidity is good, wheelhead basically bears again axial force, bend be out of shape small, because this can use bigger grinding dosage. Emery wheel and workpiece contact area are large, attend grinding at the same time wear bead much, reason productivity is tall, but medicinal powder heat and cooling condition are poor, and radial of edge of emery wheel end panel nods circumferential speed to differ each and generation wears away inhomogenous, reason grinding precision is inferior. The precision in applying to large quantities of production commonly asks not quite fast spare parts face is machined, or undertake kibble to semifinished product directly. Contact an area to reduce emery wheel and workpiece, build emery wheel end panel body of inner cone face, or make wheelhead tilts one tiny angle, so ameliorable medicinal powder hot condition, improve treatment efficiency, grind sunken entity is become slightly among the plane that give, but because tilt angle is very small, next sunken quantities are infinitesimal. Grinding is chip when workpiece, because workpiece stiffness is poorer, workpiece warpage relatively outstanding. Main reason has metabolic two: (1) workpiece already had bending to spend before grinding (quench be out of shape) . When workpiece is sucked to tighten on electromagnetism workbench, be sucked to make the same score below magnetomotivity, but grinding ends after loosening, resile, if pursue,8-11a place is shown. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, can reduce the attraction of electromagnetism workbench, attraction size needs to make workpiece does not skid when grinding only can, with reducing workpiece be out of shape. Still can fill up a very thin paper or rubber between workpiece and electromagnetism workbench (0.

5mm is the following) , workpiece is sucked on electromagnetism workbench when tightening, be out of shape can reduce, the plane with attainable consequently taller flatness,   of   of the 8-11b that be like a graph (be heated of 2) workpiece grinding produces bending. Grinding heat makes workpiece local temperature is elevatory, superstratum hot lower level is cold, workpiece is met protuberant, be clipped like two end cannot free extend, workpiece certainly will produces warp. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, usable emery wheel opening slot undertakes grinding. Because workpiece and emery wheel are discontinuous,contact, improved medicinal powder hot condition, and time of workpiece be heated shortens, temperature is elevatory and slow. Enough cooling fluid is used to also can get better result in grinding process. 4, the spare parts with planar smooth full very tall to dimension precision and requirement of exterior surface roughness treatment, want to undertake light makes treatment commonly. Method of planar smooth full treatment is very much, have commonly abrade, blow grind, superfinishing, polish. Introduce below abrade and blow grind. (one) abrade and abrade treatment is to apply a kind of wider light to make treatment. The precision after treatment can amount to IT5 class, exterior surface roughness can amount to Ra0.


006 μ M. Can process metallic data already, also can process metalloid data. When abrade treatment, ongoing provide and dispersive granule exists to spend arenaceous bead between workpiece surface (abrasive and abrasive) in both between the pressure with bring to bear on constant, make its produce complex opposite motion, pass action of the chemistry of the grinding of arenaceous bead and abrasive, physics so, one take out is paper-thin goes up in workpiece surface, obtain very tall precision and lesser exterior surface roughness. The use condition cent that abrade method presses abrasive is the following 3 kinds: 1. Dry abrade and abrade when need only ongoing provide the surface to besmear with a few lubricant and additional agent. If pursue,8-12a place is shown. Arenaceous bead is secured basically in abrade process ongoing on, its grinding makes in order to slide grinding is given priority to. Productivity of this kind of method is not tall, but can achieve very tall treatment precision and lesser exterior surface roughness to be worth (Ra0.

02 ~ 0.

01 μ M) . 2. Wet abrade besmear in abrasive of abrade process lieutenant general ongoing on, undertake with dispersive arenaceous bead abrade. There still is the material such as acid of kerosene, engine oil, oleic acid, tristearin outside arenaceous bead is being divided in abrasive. In abrade process, consist in of partial arenaceous bead grinds with workpiece between, if pursue,8-12b place is shown. Right now arenaceous bead is given priority to with scroll grinding, productivity is tall, ra0 of exterior surface roughness.

04 ~ 0.

02 μ M, make rough machining use commonly, but treatment surface is general lacklustre. 3. Bead of use soft tactics is abrade and ongoing in grinding a process, the abrasive a surname that makes abrasive with oxidation chromium is ongoing provided working face, be provided than grinding as a result of abrasive and work is flexible, because of in suspension of this abrasive in abrade process at workpiece and grind between, basically use the chemistry of abrasive and workpiece surface, produce very soft an oxidation film, the film that protruding dot handles is very easy by abrasive abrasion. This kind of method can get extremely fine surface surface roughness (Ra0.

02 ~ 0.

01 μ M) . (2) blow grind blow grind plane is used at the workpiece that did not quench, it can make close together contact is achieved between two plane, can obtain taller figure and positional precision, treatment precision can amount to IT7 class above, exterior surface roughness is worth Ra0.

8 ~ 0.

1 μ M. Blow the plane after grinding to be able to form the slip side that has lube film, because this can reduce opposite campaign appearance,enhance the osculatory stiffness between face of spare parts joint between. Blow grind exterior quality is to use the number that the dot contacts on unit area to come of assess, thick blow for 1 ~ at 2 o'clock / Cm2, half essence is blown for 2 ~ at 3 o'clock / Cm2, essence of life is blown for 3 ~ at 4 o'clock / Cm2. Blow grind labor strength is great, productivity is low; But blow grind what require equipment simple, production prepares time weak point, blow grind force is small, calorific small, be out of shape small, treatment precision and exterior quality are high. This law is commonly used at sheet in pre production and maintenance work. 5, planar treatment program and 3-16 of watch of its choice   machine plan for commonly used plane. Should ask according to the appearance of the spare parts, dimension, material, technology and produce the circumstance such as the type to choose plane correctly to machine plan. CNC Milling