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Preface reachs the computer as science and technology the development of soft, hardware, three-dimensional CAD software already got applied extensively in mechanical industry gradually. Xi Hang also begins to use UG NX3 of three-dimensional CAD software to undertake tool is designed in succession before course of design of group company tool. But no matter use what kind of software to undertake designing, according to our current production pattern, always should make finally for tool reach use workshop to offer whole project plan. When a lot of people just were beginning to use three-dimensional software to undertake tool is designed, because the project plan part of three-dimensional software operates inconvenience, always undertake designing with three-dimensional software, after the design the result creates 2 dimension projection drawing, change into format of level-headed of 2 dimension software to undertake the later period of project attempt is handled again. Clearly, when the file that is other format when changeover of 2 dimension projection drawing, thirdly dimension model and the correlation between 2 dimension project attempts had disconnected. If three-dimensional model produced a change, attempt of 2 dimension project can be outputted afresh only and be handled or undertake was modificationed by hand, this no matter from improve design efficiency or improve a design will tell on quality, cannot take. UG software is current software, the column of frame of the mark that the 2 safeguard that its provide give graph environment, smooth Taichun, picture, caption, list industry standard that does not accord with us, cannot apply directly, when so we are using UG software to undertake tool is designed, developed the pattern plate of attempt of 2 dimension project that accords with national level and industry standard. 2.

The design of pattern plate of UG project attempt 2.

1 2 dimension give the set of graph environment and picture frame to use UG " Drafting " module, design A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4 the picture frame of 5 kinds of dimension, pursue in every kinds all sorts of parameter are defined beforehand in casing, if type of dimension text size, arrowhead reachs size, all sorts of tagging means (the 1) that be like a graph, such, when use pattern plate, need not undertake adjustment between billow take time again, improve the efficiency that 2 dimension pursue greatly thereby. Graph 1 2.

The automatic fill of 2 caption column pursues in every the fixation in casing our company are special tool assembly drawing and column of part drawing caption, fill in in corresponding position the project such as bugle call of name, plan, material, if pursue 2. Graph 2 use UG Draftng " annotate editor " in the command " relation " the attribute of the project such as bugle call of command general name, plan, material and spare parts itself is relevant couplet (if pursue the 3 4) that reach a figure, such, in tool design process, should give only 0, the component gifted attribute, can be in when giving a project to pursue in writing its corresponding property automatically caption column. Graph 3 graphs the file of blueprint pattern plate of frame of picture of 4 minutes of page general and caption column composition saves UG to install catalog UGSNX 3.

In 0UGIIhtml_files subdirectory, the editor edits the file Metric_drawing_templates in this subdirectory.

Pax, the picture frame pattern plate that designs place increases go in. Increase content to be as follows: <PaletteEntry Id="d10 "><References/><Presentation Name="A4 Size, 1sheets "><PreviewImage Type="UGPart" Location="dwg_a4l_format.

Prt"/></Presentation><ObjectData Class="DrawingTemplate "><TemplateFileType>none</TemplateFileType><Filename>dwg_a4l_format.

Prt</Filename></ObjectData></PaletteEntry><PaletteEntry Id="d11 "><References/><Presentation Name="A3 Size, 1sheets "><PreviewImage Type="UGPart" Location="dwg_a3l_format.

Prt"/></Presentation><ObjectData Class="DrawingTemplate "><TemplateFileType>none</TemplateFileType><Filename>dwg_a3l_format.

Prt</Filename></ObjectData></PaletteEntry><PaletteEntry Id="d12 "><References/><Presentation Name="A2 Size, 1sheets "><PreviewImage Type="UGPart" Location="dwg_a2l_format.

Prt"/></Presentation><ObjectData Class="DrawingTemplate "><TemplateFileType>none</TemplateFileType><Filename>dwg_a2l_format.

Prt</Filename></ObjectData></PaletteEntry>... such, in the resource on the right side of screen the icon of blueprint pattern plate that if the graph is shown 5 times,the lieutenant general appears, click this icon, show types of all sorts of blueprint pattern plate. Graph when 5 designs personnel is used, click the pushbutton of width of cloth of pitch on, can make the project attempt pattern plate with a piece of good setting. Add all sorts of view to the middle of graph of this pattern plate, hand-in-hand travel dimension and technical requirement are tagged (tag style already set) , achievable 0, the scale that component project pursues. 2.

Of 3 list create the design below the Drafting environment in UG automatically following list formats, in the annotate editor that uses UG " relation " the row such as command general name, material and annotations and spare parts attribute are relevant couplet, install font, word advanced attribute. If pursue 6. Graph the 6 files that will make finally save UG to install catalog UGSNX 3.

In 0UGIItable_files subdirectory, edit the file Table in this subdirectory.

Pax, the list that designs place increases go in. Such, in the resource on the right side of screen the form icon that if the graph is shown 7 times,the lieutenant general appears, click this icon, show all sorts of form types. Pull the list that uses pitch on to express a head to arrive plot area, can make the list of the model automatically. If pursue 8. Graph 7 graphs 8 minutes of pages pursue the 9 tool clamping apparatus that abstain pattern plate design to use general assembly graph. Graph 9 graphs the part drawing of 10 tool clamping apparatus that abstain pattern plate design to use. Graph 10 3.

The establishs the software that it is UG to apply at tool to design production practice of pattern plate of attempt of project of last word UG offerred a possibility. Design personnel can use pattern plate of attempt of UG2 dimension project, the direct software that use UG gives a project to pursue, make UG project attempt and UG three-dimensional model cross correlation, such, when three-dimensional model revises tool, what the project pursues medium is umbriferous reach size as change, avoided to revise the needless waste that create and the likelihood that make mistake artificially thereby, improve the quality of three-dimensional design and efficiency. Current, my unit has had a part to design personnel to use UG software to undertake tool is designed, give a project to pursue directly, through 2, the use of 3 months, the effect is distinct. CNC Milling