Linear travel measurement unit marchs CNC technology domain

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Succeed as the development to measurement unit of absolutely and linear travel, the product breed of the Newall Ltd company that is located in Leicester got be perfectinged further. From this, the professional corporation that this England is engaged in measuring a technology can be offerred to the whole world measure encode of quantity, distance to measure from increment measure a technology to wait to measure technical unit all-aroundly to absolutely linear all the time. In course Japan Fanuc Ltd.

After controlling the quality technical appraisement with meticulous lab of research and development of technical limited company, newall company has become the 3rd company that the system can control to offer linear journey to survey a system to Fanuc-CNC on the whole world now. Can be held off by lunt and contamination block as car windshield the line of vision is same, also need to set similar vitreous scale rule on the machine tool (photoelectricity measurement unit) . Use induction measurement unit, when measure, through measuring a head to be able to produce an electromagnetism field, electromotive force is conducted through the sphere of high accuracy induction coil, induction coil date of telecommunication of translate into of meeting general electric energy (measured value) right undertake handling. The special place of measurement unit of induction of B60 Digital ReadoutNewall depends on it is an enclosed whole. Change character: Dust, contamination, damp, refrigerant and lubricant won't adhere to it is above it. And fall in same condition, if use vitreous scale rule, the circumstance can differ completely. Because use vitreous scale rule when, want to make machining center maintains machine tool or machine to work normally, past contact need is add and a few otherer expensive plant. Superior performance does not sell at a discount well-known: Stop machine mean a loss. The safe level that Newall can reach IP 67 and need not increase any charge, also need not add any equipment and safeguard workload. The compression that to achieve IP 64 security like vitreous scale feet standard place needs air, it is OK to be here leave out. Will look from manufacturing technology angle, the other limitation step that place of feet of use glass scale requires, also become redundant when use induction measurement unit, because weather strip is done not have on Newall linear measurement unit,this is piece, its work way also does not have a contact. In addition, the safety of IP 67 defends grade also with NAMA 6 (the United States) consistent. Although water intrusion is medium 1 M, this kind of device also can prevent lunt or contamination is entered inside machine. The precision with extremely tall Linear Encoders does not represent all end of course, the working precision that also has measurement unit of a few photoelectricity should compare Newall induction measurement unit tall still. Be not all use circumstances to ask measurement unit must achieve 5µm of every meters of ± , measurement unit of absolutely perhaps and linear travel must achieve the high accuracy of 3µm of every meters of ± , the traversal speed that resolution wants to inspect machine tool facility and calm: Use the interface of Fanuc for example, metrical resolution achieves 1µm, at this moment device traversal speed can achieve 30m/s. The 31i of Fanuc company and system of control of 32i series CNC issue measures linear length in the condition of lab 20oC, the precision of measurement unit is a very important basis. But, the enterprise that works below this kind of condition does not have a few really. "The temperature character of length measurement unit is the main judge target that its serve facility work precision. " domestic explanation says a manufacturer of famous vitreous scale feet, "So, the temperature character of length measurement unit should machine the temperature character of workpiece to agree with place. " accordingly, should process workpiece of equipment, treatment and length measurement unit only 3 person the outspread and characteristic respect that pledges in material is achieved when agreeing, just calculate achieved first-rate result. CNC Milling