Milling and EDM union shorten mould handling time

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If corrode electric spark the advantage union of treatment,engineering technology of puissant milling of HSC high speed can reduce the treatment man-hour that the mould makes apparently. Reihenklemmen is a kind muti_function plastic, it has a variety of norms and type. Accordingly, when die manufacturer always is trying to be made with this kind of mould, can undertake improve and rising to engineering technology. Up to now, this kind of mould is to use electrode of whole black lead to corrode treatment to make through electric spark all the time. Whole black lead electrode is having as identical as mould antrum geometry figure, electrode of this kind of black lead is very accordingly brittle, it is the cutting treatment of a kind of large area. Graph antrum of 1 electrode, model, and the floor level dimension that the premise that total time of the rough machining of the long and narrow chamfer in the mould and finish machining is 4h and fast electric spark corrodes treatment is electrode accords with treatment craft requirement. And floor level dimension is the final area after be being used according to electrode decides. If want to use electric spark to corrode processing technique to make,go up in Z coordinate direction (deepness direction) of long and narrow sunken antrum and large area or large space model when antrum, the regulation in needing to corrode craft in electric spark is good a series of dimension of floor level of black lead electrode. If use the electrode of the floor level dimension that is not the regulation in craft, corrode handling time to be able to increase 6 times (see a picture 1) . GF AgieCharmilles company undertook to this a feasibility studies: The long and narrow muscle of the mould board corrode treatment by electric spark and become; Of large area model antrum criterion by high speed electronic-controlled milling main shaft will finish. Such, electric spark corroded the area of treatment to reduce 640mm2 by original 2810mm2; Black lead electrode and model the data of floor level dimension that antrum dimension photograph matchs also decreases accordingly, can finish stricture speech quickly thereby corrode treatment. Their test has on machine tool of Hyperspark 2 HS electric spark, device of use high speed milling is HSM 400U (see a picture 2) . After 2 electric spark corrode treatment, the graph is on machine tool of milling of HSM 400 U high speed the mould of treatment, the diameter is in 0.

The hard alloy milling cutter of 6~6mm, finished below the puissant milling of 35min model the requirement that the cutting treatment that antrum bedding face accumulates raises to high speed milling is the surplus that leave very small, the surface roughness of milling surface is very tall, milling time is less than 40min. And the time that high speed milling uses actually is 35min. After using electric spark to corrode engineering technology of milling of combinative high speed, the manufacturing time of whole Reihenklemme mould shortened a lot of. There still are a lot of new technologies that can bring material benefit to the user in their new technology: The function is powerful, feature of fast electric spark analyses electronic component, real time offers electric spark to corrode place to need voltaic weaveform; The dynamo that undertakes matching directly can undertake adjustment to the energy of electric spark pulse, the loss that makes electrode is corroding direction to go up is almost 0; And have nothing to do with use graphite material sort in task of treatment of many electric spark. Previously as a result of rough machining electrode wear away, still need to have final precision work with finish machining electrode finally. After using newest AT-Hyperspark-iQ electric spark to corrode processing technique, can omit according to particular treatment job follow-up finish machining working procedure. But the floor level size that must note electrode, in order to make sure the shortest electric spark corrodes handling time. In be versed in the mould is made, should make this kind of new-style and compound technology is developed optimal, what must point out is long-term since had not disentombed adequately to the applied latent capacity of black lead electrode. Be in Germany, use copper pledges the scale of electrode and black lead electrode is 3:2 about, copper pledges electrode takes actor. From the point of technical angle, processing hard alloy data only, exterior surface roughness Ra < 0.

The electric spark polish of 1 μ M (lens face polish) the ability in treatment needs to use cupreous qualitative electrode. And the use of black lead electrode is more extensive, its thermal stability is better, without be out of shape, the milling that can not have burr quickly shapes. In the meantime, still can combine electrode of a few black lead together, make the compound electrode with a complex form. CNC Milling