All many sided of expensive precision work

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Expensive precision work is a concept that states very hard with the language. Neither one defines the scope of fixed public errand of high spirit workpiece clearly. To be being considered as the treatment task of high accuracy, can be right large quantities of most the noncombatant duty that 5µm carries all the time the spare parts, the public errand of real fixed position to 2µm maintaining two spare partses that cooperate each other thereby each other match accurately, also can be use a 50µm establish milling cutter to be in fixed position precision 0.

The milling on the machine tool of 3µm the hard steel of temper by dipping in water of a 50HRC, these consider as high accuracy treatment. Company of Ou Wensi industry uses group legal system to build high spirit spare parts to be in company of Ou Wensi industry, spare parts dimension and complex degree make normally microscope class goes the accurate processing factory that burr becomes the high spirit operation of the most pointed key to be located in Canadian Montreal city, finecast limited company (Www.


Of Ca) run manager Peter Pfister to say, in expensive precision work, spare parts dimension and workpiece batch decided the difficulty of implementation of some specific noncombatant duty. Pfister points out, in a long and big aluminium on maintain 0.


025mm) inch tolerancepublic errand is like maintain on a small dentistry part 0.

0002 inches (0.

The public errand of 05mm) is so difficult. He still notices, when undertaking batch is produced, it is difficult to maintain little common difference to want much. Finecast major pursues the trade such as medical treatment, aviation, electron and semiconductor small to in dimension prototype and in the high accuracy that batch produces a part and sophisticated treatment. The factory is right with 0.

010 inches (0.

254mm) diameter cutting tool undertakes on titanium workpiece 5 axes are machined, with 0.

006 inches (0.

154mm) diameter broach perhaps machines middleman and guarantor to hold in batch in the bore in stainless steel 1.

The treatment such as public errand of diameter of 5 ~ 2µm very be sure, also like to assume this kind treatment job very much. To Finecast, high accuracy involves the requirement of close public errand that locates to feature of contented spare parts, verticality of diameter of contented aperture, spare parts, cylinder is spent, the similar common difference of the respect such as circularity, parallelism, flatness and three-dimensional surface outline. Normally, this factory is machined on the part that has 300 features, and every feature has different noncombatant duty. For example, the public errand of 3D surface outline of a spare parts is 0.

0002 inches, flatness asks to be 0.

0001 inches. Pfister thinks, to task of his high accuracy treatment, part cycle time is inferior to be in low public errand large quantities of member in the spare parts so crucial. He says: "When the spare parts asks its tighten tolerancepublic errand fully, total process change and cycle time should increase commonly. Although the client wants to get a part as soon as possible, but they realize the cycle time of complex part may need high accuracy really longer. We make the part that contented norms asks, and leave factory spare parts 90% offer some kind of form detect report. " the limited company of Ou Wensi industry that in Weisikangxin the city resembles cultivating a bay, high accuracy treatment uses form of collaboration of a kind of group. The member that its factory does not have process designing, because of this part program won't from process designing member pass the personnel that hold clip to pass machine tool operator again, replace, the factory uses group work means, a group is reached by project leader two or composition of member of 3 other groups, handle high accuracy part by them, have a side to the place that leave factory from blue print. Major of company of Ou Wensi industry is engaged in precision of real fixed position needing to maintain the hi-tech of 2 µm to process a project. The vice-president Mark Plesnik of company of Ou Wensi industry says: "The high accuracy processing factory that you cannot resemble running a typical manufacturer to run a treatment kind that has us and public errand euqally. Those factories are familiar with the part that runs specific sort with specific means. But, when the part that must make common difference of 5 micron class for valve of a heart, we cannot give an order through writing merely and let operator machine a spare parts to finish sth. " he says, the workpiece of the factory asks to have personal practice momently. Once a certain group wins a project, this group has this project first and last. If a certain spare parts by rejection, so this group should assume all responsibility. The factory has 5 groups, every groups assume every months least most 5 projects. Although every group uses different technology operation: A group undertakes EDM is machined, one undertakes grinding, two undertake turning and milling, one undertakes the spare parts goes burr operation, but there is many project to turn over between the group. The group leader of a group wants the group leader of requirement of craft of basis spare parts and other group to cooperate. Very strange, be in company of Ou Wensi industry, go burr ministry / group it is the most crucial normally, because certain part is very small and must magnifying try to observe below the circumstance of 50 times. Having a such part is a diameter for 0.

010 inches, the wall is large for 0.

003 inches pipe. This spare parts has many need to go the machine of burr machines a feature. Plesnik says: "Take a measure when us more alarming than nib how many, contain 65 ~ when the spare parts of 70 features, go this working procedure should handle burr carefully especially, show a key especially. " to another workpiece, go the lot of Q -tip cotton that burr ministry must use besmear to polishing creams comes accurately in the implementation on the spare parts the surface roughness of 8µm. Differ with general aircraft processing factory, company of Ou Wensi industry plans unit form without the machine tool oneself. Contrary, it type of machine tool basis in group. Besides processing unit, inside the automation of other way such as that Plesnik says to each big manufacturer middling sees factory in him also not be successful. He says: "Automation does not have the ground of use force really in our factory. We machined batch of glad of workpiece to decide automation is not sent at all on use. " Plesnik says, the requirement of a premise that processing factory of every high accuracy needs his to have is to be willing to be compensated in capital groom with the company the respect is high skill talent to pay exorbitant fee. Without high skill talent, a kind processing factory cannot acquire the plant of such as Plesnik successful. This is Ouwensi the reason that industrial company develops major person with ability in company interior. The requirement of high accuracy holds manufacturer of high accuracy machine tool concurrently as processing factory of a high accuracy -- the Kern Micro Und Feinwerktechnik GmbH that stands by German Munich&Co.

Company, the American branch that reachs its to be located in city Webster of equestrian Sa Zhu Sai -- Kern nicety limited company, what is the ingredient that all knows processing factory of a high accuracy is successful. These requirements include a machine tool, measure environment of ability, cutting tool, factory and labour clip to wait. In oneself to be opposite the treatment that completes inside the factory undertakes classified, and to distinguish the precision of product of its machine tool, kern is high accuracy definition accuracy class of 3 spare partses. The first class is micron class precision, workpiece precision is in 10µm less than; The 2nd class is exceed exact level, workpiece precision is in 3µm less than; The 3rd class is precision of accept rice class, workpiece precision is under 1µm; Kern makes machining center in the light of these 3 accuracy class. The Pyramid Nano of Kern is company precision is highest and the biggest machine tool. Its journey is 20 × 20 inches, inside this size range of pipe bent, the fixed position precision of the machine tool is 0.

3 micron. The test specimen public errand that it machines is ± 1µm. How does Kern know these values? It uses limited company of Chase blocking Er to manufacture, measure precision to amount to 0.

The special system of 025µm. In fact, kern is the user of the first commerce of this system. The Pfister of Finecast also agrees to measure collection capability to want a sex to the suction of workpiece and machine tool, he says, if a processing factory cannot measure accurate part, so the treatment that it cannot implement accurate part. Of the processing factory detect the tolerancepublic errand photograph that ability must try to come true with oneself matchs. high guess work cent becomes Pfister of 3 accuracy class to say: "Because the norms of the machine tool is expressed,writing ± only 0.

0002 inches fixed position precision does not mean the aperture precision that gets on the machine tool to be in ± 0.

Inside 0002 inches of limits. Believing this is nodded is the first expression that a manufacturer does not know what to is precision, and unfortunate is, a lot of manufacturer depend on norms of this kind of machine tool completely. " the view to prove him, the plant that Pfister says him has ± is stated in a norms 0.

The machine tool of precision of 0002 inches of fixed position. But, after the machine tool moves a little while with higher feed rate, because ball guide screw expands and this precision index raises real cost 0.

004 inches. This is why Finecast uses laser demarcate to come all machine tools inside company of test and verify the reason of precision of its reference axis. Kern president Burkhard Rother says, the machine tool precision that lists as a result of Kern is the precision that obtains on actual test specimen, accordingly these index considered fixed position precision and the common difference that reach cutting tool because of machine tool main shaft, tool carrier and arise. Kern is deployed on its machine tool appropriative, jumpy the main shaft of vector control type that is less than 1µm. Vector of have the aid of is controlled, main shaft can achieve complete torsion in low speed limits, make the CNC system of the machine tool knows the place of dislocation coming back of main shaft at any time at the same time. Kern machine tool passes vector control, can be in to changing a knife every time buy of identical dislocation coming back stops main shaft, rother says, install a knife to be able to make sure the machine tool machines precision to rise in buy of dislocation of identical main shaft coming back every time 1 or 2µm. Rother suggests each factories use collet of tall accurate bedspring further, be filled with too cooperate tool carrier to may balance type tool carrier to hold a knife. Kern still uses vector control to measure contact an accurate outfit to arrive in machine tool main shaft. When exploration spare parts, kern contacts a side of the spare parts first, rotate machine tool main shaft the opposite side that the spare parts contacts after 180 ° , can ensure with what measure a head same side contacts two of the spare parts opposite side so. Rother says: "The factory undertakes high accuracy treatment must do these. The processing factory that we are in Germany everyday so do. " he knows for certain, the milling cutter that the factory once must be 50µm with a diameter comes the steel of mill 50HRC once was in silk of hair of a person the hole that drilled many diameters to be 30µm. Inside the factory that is located in Germany in Kern, the constant temperature constant that high spirit machine tool does not have vibration in a kind moves in wet environment. The other machine tool of high spirit machine tool and factory is apart, and with other and exterior vibration the source is separated. In addition, kern still lays the machine tool do not be more than ± in wave motion of a temperature inside the treatment area of 1 ℃ . Rother says, in temperature wave motion higher case falls, the machine tool also can be behaved good, but to realize repeatability high accuracy, temperature must keep constant. Kern deployed in-house heat to stabilize a system to be controlled in order to realize more temperature to his machine tool. High spirit machine tool another essential condition is to be used at computation to survey a system of fixed position directly, such as grating. Grating acting oak uses pitch of ball guide screw and circumgyrate coder to undertake locating computational. Hai Dehan grating is deployed on all reference axis of all Kern machine tool. Place unit to the labour of expensive precision work, company of industry of Finecast, Ou Wensi and Kern all suggest to use standard work to place a system, the system that such as System 3R rolls out. To company of Ou Wensi industry, these are modular it is OK that the system is in through holding spare parts clip holding spare parts clip the clamping apparatus that apace diverts another kind of machine tool from a kind of machine tool is medium and processing of automation line of implementation spare parts. Additional, because standard work places a system,still behave in Finecast good, because this this factory plan is on its machine tool completely chamfer of form of take out T. CNC Milling