Flower case alls alone Er cutting tool devotes oneself to orbit to machine

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Ingersoll is machining switch, wheel and rail, rail to renovate a respect, all have rich practice experience. Ink Media=screen Href="http://e-cuttech.


INGERSOLL of company of cutting tool of Yi Sika of Css" Type=text/css Rel=stylesheet> tastes manager Yan Gongbo to regard the whole world as orbit with the metallic cutting that jump over the month provides a supplier, cutting tool of Er of flower case all alone is enjoyed inside course of study all along fill buttock, it is the partner with production reliable enterprise. Since a century, er of flower case element devotes oneself to the milling research of rail and switch, it is no matter all the time of praise highly establish design of cutting tool of outfit razor blade, new still two-way before chamfer of horny cutting tool design, all without exception proved Ingersoll innovates never-ending. Ingersoll is machining switch, wheel and rail, rail to renovate a respect, all have rich practice experience. Basically be aimed at rail, switch below add L and face-lifting, undertake elaborating. The Great Master of 1 act according to actual circumstances is in metallic milling domain, ingersoll proved the position of the person that metallic cutting program is offerred in industry already. The complexity that rail machines, make its have the demand of the numerous design that be not mark to the knife. According to the client special machine tool, clamping apparatus reachs treatment kind, offer efficient treatment program to the client, this is cutting tool of Er of flower case all alone all the time importunate market is politic -- for client act according to actual circumstances. The particular case that machining each orbit outline and course top treatment is user of basis of Er of flower case all alone (see a picture 1, graph 2) , offers adoption is different the particular cutting tool that machines end face of politic treatment rail and switch. Carry out a proof, cooperate cheek by jowl with the client, always can create a distinctive and efficient solution. Graph 1 treatment 2 course top machines each orbit skeleton map 2 innovation are never-ending the special demand of orbit industry often needs to use special cutting cutting tool. Ingersoll always uses established furnish plan to attract numerous epigone, in orbit milling domain, established cutting tool of furnish plan figuration to solemn occupation standard. Design technical development as the machine tool, ingersoll developed a new design era again -- before horn is designed. The form of typical razor blade that INGERSOLL orbit processes typical razor blade for Ingersoll application at orbit, if pursue,3 are shown. Orbit of graph 3 INGERSOLL machines typical razor blade to pursue 5 orbit renovate a graph rail of case of 4 rail treatment adds case, if the graph is shown 4 times, cutting tool is adding rail of tall manganese steel in, the cutting parameter that the user applies actually is cutting speed 75 ~ 130m/min, feed 210 ~ L200m/min. The engineer with the professional Er of all alone of expert flower case that 3 rail maintain, the group of experience abundant cultivate, expecting each phase for your project to give counsel. Rail face-lifting is not exceptional also. Ingersoll provides efficient treatment cutting tool for rail face-lifting. For example: Adopt a plan 5 show orbit to renovate efficient figuration milling cutter to undertake renovating machining, 600mm of cutting tool diameter; Clip holds bit to count 198; The biggest actual feed can amount to 15mm/min. No matter why are the 4 professional experience that share us planted formal service seeks advice, no matter be to offer a solution, still be field application support, the user will get our most professional support, the orbit treatment that counts 10 years from us is benefited in experience. CNC Milling