Cold pattern is efficient inside coating hard alloy deep Kong Zuan comes out

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Aperture getting can be in the Leng Shishen inside the FTO-GKXC coating hard alloy that Japanese OSG company develops the efficient treatment that deep aperture realizes on machining center. Its structure characteristic is: The cooling fluid inside the belt aperture, can ensure broach works below sufficient cooling and lubricant condition; The appearance that get a tip judges bits performance good, get channel bits of sectional appearance platoon is smooth, conduce to improve treatment efficiency and treatment quality. Broach matrix material uses what intensity, tenacity and hardness hold actor concurrently to exceed fine grained hard alloy character, the hear resistance of Fu of matrix surface besmear, coating that fights high temperature oxidisability and lubricity to hold actor concurrently, can ensure broach has enough strength, tenacity, wearability, fight oxidation and lubricant function, implementation long life, can efficient deep aperture treatment. FTO-GDXC deep Kong Zuan is treatment carbon steel, cast-iron a deep Kong Shi, can achieve 80 ~ the tall cutting speed of 125m/min. The deep Kong Shi of 150mm of φ 5mm, hole depth is machined below same condition, every Kong Jia that the gun gets is 3 minutes of 20 seconds between man-hour, and FTO-GDXC deep Kong Zuan needs 19 seconds only, treatment efficiency raises nearly 10 times. As a result of this deep Kong Zuan is getting thrust of the axial in cutting a course to stabilize, because this applies to nobody,turn automatic treatment. CNC Milling