Clamping apparatus of typical machine tool -- milling machine clamping apparatus

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The plane that the clamping apparatus of classified milling machine of milling machine clamping apparatus basically uses on treatment spare parts, groove, keyway, spline, breach reachs all sorts of figuration ranges. Because milling treatment is clamping apparatus normally,make feed move together along with workbench, by feed clamping apparatus of different milling machine can divide means to be mixed for linear feed formula, circumferential feed formula profiling feed formula 3 sort. 1, this kind of milling machine uses clamping apparatus of milling machine of linear feed formula at most. Clamping apparatus installation is on milling machine workbench, motion of linear feed means is pressed along with workbench in treatment. According to workpiece quality, structure and production lot, fixture the design becomes sheet many many dot, parallel and many linkage means of successive and ordinal clamp, use index mechanism even sometimes, all manufacture efficiency to rise. 2, the workpiece of discharge of circumstance remove theatrical makeup and costume that means of circumferential feed milling is in clamping apparatus of milling machine of circumferential feed formula not to jockey, it is multitask commonly, use on the milling machine that has circumgyrate workbench. Structure of this kind of clamping apparatus is compact, the operation is convenient, motor-driven time and auxiliary time overlap, it is clamping apparatus of efficient milling machine, use produce at large quantities of quantities. 3, this kind of milling machine clamping apparatus that contains profiling uses clamping apparatus of profiling milling machine on special or general milling machine to machine all sorts of curved surface that be not a circle. The action of profiling is to make workpiece wins auxiliary campaign, form profile modeling campaign. Press advocate feed movement way, clamping apparatus of profiling milling machine can be divided for linear feed and circumferential feed two kinds. The design point of milling machine clamping apparatus because dosage of milling treatment cutting and cutting power are greater, it is much blade interrupted cutting, easy generation is oscillatory when treatment, because the attention answers when clamping apparatus of this design milling machine: Clamping force wants enough and turn over the journey to be locked up oneself; The installation of clamping apparatus wants accurate and reliable, want to be used correctly when installation and treatment namely directional key, right knife device; Clamping apparatus body should have enough stiffness and stability, the structure wants reasonable. 1, directional key is directional key also calls fixed position key, installation is in the fore-and-aft chamfer of clamping apparatus underside, use two commonly, how to go up point-blank in, its distance is further, oriented precision is taller, with snail clench solid is on clamping apparatus body. Directional key cooperates the proper place that fixes clamping apparatus to go up in the machine tool through the form chamfer that goes up with milling machine workbench; Still can bear partial cutting torque, reduce the negative charge of clamp bolt, increase the stability of clamping apparatus, because this plane clamping apparatus and some are special,get boring machine clamping apparatus to often also be used. Directional key has rectangle and circle two kinds. Directional precision asks tall or heavy-duty clamping apparatus is unfavorable use directional key, go out in the treatment on clamping apparatus body however one narrow long range serves as search tool reference plane comes the installation position of corrective clamping apparatus. 2, right to knife device knife device by right knife piece and composition of feet of a place of strategic importance, use the relative position of affirmatory clamping apparatus and cutting tool. Depend on to the configuration of knife device the form that processes the surface. Right commonly used pin and snail clench solid are in knife piece on clamping apparatus body, its position should facilitate feet of use a place of strategic importance is opposite knife, do not hamper workpiece assembles and unassemble. To the knife when, in cutting tool and right rule of one a place of strategic importance is imposed between knife piece, avoid cutting tool and right knife piece is contacted directly and attaint edge or cause pair of knife piece to wear away prematurely. Feet of a place of strategic importance has smooth stuff feet and cylindrical feet of a place of strategic importance two kinds, its ply and diameter are 3 ~ 5mm, h6 of production public errand. Right knife piece and feet of a place of strategic importance already all were standardized (relevant manual can consult when the design) , when using, measurement of feet of a place of strategic importance should indicate to reach the place between surfaces of pair of knife piece job and fixed position component on clamping apparatus general drawing. Should install to knife device in facilitate to the knife and it is the one end that workpiece cuts. 3.

Clamping apparatus body designs the firm sex that installs on the machine tool to raise milling machine clamping apparatus, reduce the vibration that its interrupted cutting may cause, clamping apparatus body should have enough stiffness and strength not only, its height and width are more appropriate than also answering, have H/B ≤ commonly 1 ~ 1.

25, in order to reduce clamping apparatus focus, make workpiece machines the surface to near workbench surface as far as possible. In addition, set reinforcement and side reasonably even. If mix is particular wider, two can be installed in same side with chamfer of form of T of milling machine workbench equidistant ear; To clamping apparatus of heavy-duty milling machine, mix is particular two end still should install hoisting aperture or rings to so that carry,wait. CNC Milling