Change a machine cooperative control technology -- solder the new fulcrum that the robot develops

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Solder the member of main body equipment that the robot regards modern manufacturing industry as, in industry manufacturing site received wide application. However, because suffer articulatory freedom to spend the limitation that can amount to a space with exercise, onefold general solder the solder replace Wu that the robot can finish is very finite, produce segment in what face Wu of complex solder replace so, for instance car batholith is mixed the production of automobile body, must use solder in great quantities the robot will be finished in coordination, then we see tens of stages solder to about a hundred very at the same time the job is in the robot to produce on-line with lifetime grand occasion. Actually, this since industry produces modern portraiture, also be onefold solder the result of robot ability confine. Solder the development of robot technology, from macroscopical go up saying general interest is two direction. It is from solder the quality control of the process, raise welding line to dog for instance orbit precision, from solder the angle of craft will rise solder quality. 2 it is to solder of robot work ability extend, change a machine belong to this kind. Change substantially a machine it is to solder robot joint spends freely extend and of work space outspread. Change the application of a machine makes only station solders the exercise flexibility of the robot is stronger, solder the dimension of workpiece is theoretic the work space that also gets oneself of robot of be confined to no longer. Change the occurrence of a machine made up for the past to solder greatly a variety of limitation in exercise. Can say, change a machine had become solder the new fulcrum of confine of robot breakthrough oneself. Without doubt, change the key of a machine success application is with solder the cooperative control of the robot, common ground is told, it is both between cooperate effectively. Change the basic composition of an engine system and domestic production are primary since the state is long-term, because manufacturing industry admits the weakness of horizontal difference and relevant research, heretofore considers to solder without technical work change the definition of a machine and classification, because this is right,his appellation and functional classification also have each different. For this, we need to gift solder change a machine a professional definition, use namely procrastinate move the work that wait for solder, make its wait for solder welding line to move to have the facility of the exercise that apply solder to good place. Specific and character, solder change a machine is OK change through circumgyrate or change point-blank a motion, make the aleatoric azimuth of to load workpiece needs solder welding line, the basis is specific solder need, turn into quickly the operation applying solder that boat foot solder, flat position welding becomes solder of a straight angle, changed a likelihood to need vertical position welding thereby, admire solder to wait to assure to solder hard the exercise applying solder of quality. Our country production changes now the manufacturer of a machine is not little, do not become dimensions mostly, basic it is to regard as solder subsidiary engine, and solder production of robot form a complete set, with changing the enterprise that is dominant product has not form a machine. Homebred change a machine basically divide completely double circumgyrate by athletic function type, tipping - circumgyrate type, odd turn type changes a machine. Among them type of completely double circumgyrate includes L, H (two-seater) , type of C double circumgyrate; And does odd turn type solder change is an engine main include: ? Hot  of  of cut down of セ of  of プ of be good at ⒌ of  of deficient of Kou of cloth of  of cut down of セ of  of  of be good at ⑺ of  of cut down of   セ casts noise lowing 1 falls into oblivion arrest of  of the act that change  reads sex of ǔ of  of Kou  a cricket  of tan1huan4 of ㄎ of Qi Jun ⒍ takes Ji of ⒆ the She nationality ぞ , output of the biggest torque can amount to 18000KN, solder corner coming back is OK aleatoric between 0-360 ° suitable, anticlockwise set. High accuracy changes an aircraft is general use a pace to take electric machinery or control of servo electric machinery, its noumenon precision assures to rely on a pace to take electric machinery drive, and coordinate with part of robot main body cooperating stand or fall is to solder the payoff of discretion of systematic work precision. Production solders change the main home manufacturer of a machine has Jinan solder to amount to this world of the mechanical limited company, city that do not have stannum to connect mechanical equipment limited company, Hangzhou Kaierda robot limited company, power amount to automation to solder the unit such as equipment company, its produce change a machine bigger market is had in home. Solder machine support of the people changes system of harmonious sport control sets a machine ability serves as solder machine support of the people changes the solution of harmonious motion pilot of a machine, we connect regular meeting to will change a machine and robot serve as a whole, use a control system that has cooperative control function to consolidate control, this is the development method of a kind of effective. However, because before be, many enterprises configured a large number of soldering robot, the system transforms will original odd robot to have change with independence a machine is harmonious exercise system of motion, made the actual demand of the enterprise. Aforementioned design method is accordingly inchoate to transforming enclosed system of odd robot application is not applicable, whether design a kind of method to solve the harmonious problem between both, become solder now the heat that the robot studies. 1.

In the light of solder machine support of the people changes a machine is overall athletic control design of the system will solder machine support of the people changes a machine regard as overall the special controller that systematic development gives form a complete set, can improve design efficiency, it is better to obtain work in coordination the effect. Study in a few the unit is medium, research center of Zhejiang university robot devotes oneself to industrial robot domain for a long time the design research and development of current campaign controller, already developed MAMC 3 of controller of motion of the 3rd acting much axis at present.

0, the open mode framework that its are based on DSP and CPLD is OK and contented general-purpose solder the control circumstance of linkage of robot much axis, the interface that and controller expands goes out can be used at changing a machine servo control. This product will plan industrial promotion. Its hardware framework is shown 2 times like the graph. Nextpage is in this control system, accuse by labour machine is responsible and unified harmonious program, the allocation of the task that finish and attemper. Motion is controlled by solder machine support of the people changes coder of the driver of lower level servo of an electric machinery, photoelectricity forms positional closed circuit to come true. The condition that the system works will feedback through athletic controller, real time shows machine indication interface accuses to go up in labour. Profit from opens the soft hardware framework of type, the differs through changing relevant program to come true configuration that handlers can go to the lavatory is politic, if specific control number of axle, contrail plans,strategy and motion control strategy to wait. Current, unit of a lot of scientific research to soldering control of robot system sport did thorough research and reach a series of significant gain, if from what begin level to be based on open mode framework with respect to implementation compositive change control system, it is to give these to study achievement created to go to the lavatory undoubtedly changed platform. Through this kind compositive the major that change controls a system, can soldering initiative period has planned to solder beforehand machine support of the people changes the athletic contrail of a machine, make cooperate goodly in both of the implementation in exercise project. Current, have a robot to solder automatically the domestic manufacturer of systematic production aptitude adopts this to devise plan mostly. With Hangzhou triumphant Er amounts to what robot limited company produces to solder robot system is exemple, its change an engine control and solder robot noumenon is by same a control of control system implementation. At present this company development has odd axis to change a machine and double axis change a machine, the edge solders to change by the side of application and workpiece, can get used to link welding line, the requirement of complex space welding line. 2.

In the light of solder machine support of the people changes the athletic controller with an independent machine is designed to already purchasing the company of robot of finished product industry, because be enclosed control system, unless purchase same manufacturer change a machine, mix very hard otherwise of other manufacturer change a machine implementation is unified control. Accordingly, go up objectively need us to use independent type to control a method, control respectively solder robot noumenon and change the motion of a machine. Solder to assure the requirement of precision, must want to will solder machine support of the people changes the demarcate of relative position precision of a machine is inside a dinky limits. Hardware framework is shown 4 times like the graph. The common method that devises a target in the light of this kind is: Solder before treatment, through soldering the robot notes information built-inly to the function is founded and save motion type and change an engine speed, changing a machine controller go up to build a file additionally to save with solder the robot changes correspondingly an information of seat number buy, generate according to afore-mentioned control method before treatment next solder machine support of the people changes the treatment file of a machine. When executive welder is made, change by machine support of the people respectively a machine controller is analytic carry out. This kind of foundation that devises a method depends on solder of the workpiece that seek solution receiving orbit to fasten the seat below in user coordinate. Before solder, want to build user coordinate department first, change certainly a machine is opposite at soldering the position of the robot, get welding line contrail to fasten the expression below in this coordinate next, change certainly finally a function of machine sport control, change by machine support of the people the spatial motion contrail that the athletic concern of a machine gets a robot. Because solder,machine support of the people changes a machine those who use is two different control systems, want to make sure the clock that works to still need to unite in coordination sparks, should give at this o'clock in hardware system control implementation, if unite the command signal clock of these two systems, implementation synchronism sparks. In addition, in show in teaching a course, show the file structure design that teachs file and treatment the file to also not allow to despise. Besides change athletic control builds a machine algorithmicly, change of a machine motion contrail pliable spend and what the robot cooperates to move is complex degree as much important. To make change motion maintains an aircraft smooth stability of motion, need uses advanced interpolation algorithm to changing a machine show teach a dot to do plan to close, realize round glide to cross. Can use small line segment to draft the method that close additionally, can break up contrail of robot spatial motion each small line segment so. Reduced the reference point that solder robot requires to count greatly so, be helpful for realizing both to work in coordination. Home runs from type in bisect the relevant research of a machine just begins gradually till the near future, change high-poweredly an aircraft is current still do not gain ground, of most field application change a machine can come true only simple, basic set an action beforehand, the harmonious motion that accepts orbit returns complex solder to did not machine the implementation in the circumstance in large-scale industry. Sum up and look into in our country, change a machine be opposite " young " product, it is indispensable to welder course of study, with soldering the robot is core, compositive change of the equipment such as a machine solder the efficiency that machined a system to raise our country industry to make greatly. In the meantime, the crucial technology of equipment of by nature of this kind of collect, also be to raise our country to solder further equipment is made and solder machine craft level place to must be broken through. Between these technologies, solder robot noumenon and change cooperative control technology has a machine to use value outstandingly, it makes need vertical position welding, admire solder to wait to assure to solder hard the operation applying solder of quality becomes a possibility, assured to solder thereby quality, enhanced yield of solder deliver a child and the security that produce a course. Solder in what did not come in robot system development, change the implementation of cooperative control technology mixes a machine popularize need unit of extensive scientific research is driven jointly with production enterprise, its are sure to become China to solder the new fulcrum that robot system develops. CNC Milling