Numerical control technology rises abruptly to turn over keep within limits and technical antagonism mediumly

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The rise of equipment manufacturing industry is the important support of pair of Chinese industry modernization and promotion of national comprehensive national power. Manufacturing industry progress promotes material productivity on one hand, solve the production problem of crucial equipment, the army and the people of general character technology of manufacturing industry is amphibious on the other hand, safe to national defence and country sense is great. Numerical control technology is the crucial technology that supports modern equipment manufacturing industry group, immediate decision makes the function of equipment and property, it is the crucial technology that informatization drives layer of the equipment in industrialized process, attribute the main base skill that supports advanced production technology group. And numerical control technology is main feature with high accuracy follow-up control and much exercise cooperative control, with automatic artillery technology of control, radar control and top navigation control has the technical base of general character, have the applied feature with typical amphibious the army and the people. 1, the keep within limits that international competition environment rises abruptly to technology of Chinese numerical control accuses the feature with technical amphibious the army and the people because of number just about, the intention of keep within limits that international competition environment rises abruptly to technology of Chinese numerical control is apparent. From " cling to all " to take an examination of a gram this the technical block phase of the report, to through joint-stock run a plant, this locality turns production, low end product dumping, the force of own research and development of lax China home all can reflect intent of keep within limits. Fact of quite a few proves we try to pass introduce a technology, "Change a technology with the market " good will is one's own wishful thinking only, the result often is the market also was lost, the technology was not changed however. The product hold the market of the controller tycoon that heads with Japanese FANUC and SIEMENS at present 80% above, high-end product not only forestall, and limitative China entrance. China tackles key problem through nearly 20 years of continual technologies and the market is bred, was born manufacturer of a batch of numerical control, in in low end the market opens a phase, formed particular market dimensions; But in the technology concentrated in high-end controller market, homebred controller dimensions is in compressed8 condition from beginning to end, profit space is compressed, system of research and development cannot support can last the technology progresses. Industry expert says frankly " level of technology of machine tool of Chinese numerical control and world developed country differ at least 15 years " . Japanese international economist grows cereal plain Qing Tailang, in Japan " cry " monthly magazine published a problem to be on date in May 2005 " Chinese future depends on Japan " article. The article says, in automobile manufacturing industry, the machine tool that produces car part year all working hours is as high as 3500 hours, the machine tool that also only Japan is made can assure successive 5 years of function are changeless. "Without Japanese machine tool, automobile industry of China will can not move a step " . Long Guchuan Qing Tailang forecasts: China is met only to Japanese dependence more and more strengthen and won't more and more weaken. This is meant " Japan is more and more capable to control China " . Analyse this article objectively, abandon Japanese minority scholar's manic state of mind, the production equipment key that the delegate is with numerical control system in equipment manufacturing industry only looks on the difference on assembly technique and product, the viewpoint of the article is the hardship consciousness that ought to arouse us. 2, the depend on sb or sth for existence that the technical requirement that numerical control technology has breakthrough keep within limits and industrial condition break abroad to reduce pair of abroad technologies namely to the main measure of keep within limits of technology of our numerical control is spent, the crucial technology that chooses to the technology supports a condition serves as breach, active breakthrough, what just can strive for competition go up is active. Numerical control technology is below the support that nearly 10 years technology of computer soft hardware and communication technology progress, have the requirement of crucial technology breach. See the main feature of product of numerical control controller from industrial angle, can generalize for appropriative industry computer; The feature of product of servo drive system is power source of industry of appropriative of drive electric machinery; The feature of product of servo electric machinery is the high accuracy electric machinery of original of feedback of high accuracy position. Be aimed at these product features, look from industrial point of view, china has requirement of industry of system of high-end numerical control completely, of the product that has similar industry feature a little producing can be the world is banner. Accordingly, jump out the athletic controller of narrow sense creates a field, look from Chinese industry overall situation, breakthrough of industry of numerical control system has an industry to support a condition. The software that another feature of industry of numerical control system is a technology is changed. The software that runs on digital controller and servo driver bore the weight of the implementation of main function of the system and function. Of the than go all out and be a feature with technical confluence project level that because this is in,the competition of domain of this one industry is based on more translate into software technology, control technology and the intellectual level of production technology than going all out. 3, the key that breaks through technical keep within limits is the linchpin that builds the own innovation platform that suits core technology system to grow to turn over keep within limits it is compose build the own innovation platform that suits core technology system to grow, chase from passive technology change to defy for active technology. Technology of high-end numerical control is the problem of controller not just, however associated electric machinery, drive, measure, technology of soft hardware of communication, computer and machine tool test, emulate the technical course that waits for a technology group. These technical segment will produce an effect to result of final device control character. With high speed high accuracy tall answer athletic control to be exemple will show this issue. Look from the material that FANUC publishs, control resolution promotes Namike with will be being machined the precision of the product raises one times, exterior quality raises one times. But the technical promotion with comprehensive controller of need of this one result. the implementation that controls a technology to high rate movement, be based on lead to read the motion of the mechanism to orbit is analysed and be forecasted is indispensible. This one mechanism will raise taller requirement to systematic architecture. Orbit is flowing and adding acceleration to control is move in high speed percussive avoids in control necessary technology measure. Interpolation implement computational precision should promote a Nm from an Um, computational word is long should increase 3, active consideration precision should promote 3 amounts form. Software platform should support the computation with corresponding long word. On the other hand control metre also needs to rise accordingly, dictate precision increases no point purely otherwise. This has higher demand to computational bear of the system of course, systematic hardware platform should have higher rate. Implementing this resolution inside controller only is insufficient, control this the quantity to give servo actuating device even. As a result of the expansion with effective long word, those who control metre rise, the demand with corresponding communication wide generation also should rise. To servo communication the problem must use digital means, pulse means and imitate add what positional pulse feedbacks to cannot accord with a requirement. Should go after apparently very much in servo side more the control problem of high accuracy. Need namely above all more the positional feedback original of high accuracy. At present sensor of device of servo of the high accuracy on international has promoted 2 million line - 4 million line, such ability cooperate to realize accept rice class to control with existing machine quite. The sensor of the controller product of our home is in mostly 2000 or 2500 the left and right sides. This kind of difference that passes feeling technology brings about the speed ratio of our actuating device to go up not to go directly, speed makes the same score stability to have difference. The sensor of high resolution still faces another problem is sensor interface problem. Interface of AB pulse form cannot be used below this kind of resolution apparently. The agreement of news report of high speed number that can assure controller synchronism sampling is the issue that must want to solve. Problem of pilot of servo itself high accuracy also is the issue that must want to solve. FANUC emphasizes HRV (tall answer vector to control) , 3 water chestnut emphasize OMR (optimize machinery to answer control) point to the problem problem of core of pilot of high accuracy servo continuously -- the high accuracy, voltaic annulus design that answers quickly. Only good voltaic annulus character just can be good speed control and positional control to lay a foundation. A lot of control technologies in the process that resolving contradiction of this one core can serve as somewhat, include all sorts of condition to identify, slippery film is controlled and change parameter control is waited a moment. Realize high accuracy control, relying on controller and servo actuating device only is insufficient. Electric machinery designs itself to affect motion to control the main factor of the effect directly namely. electric machinery of synchronous to permanent magnetism servo, turn over electromotive force goodly to coming back quality, very small alveolar force will special the smooth control that is helpful for servo driver realizing low speed. The manufacturer itself of a lot of high accuracy actuating device also is electric machinery manufacturer. In the research organization of a lot of home, the branch cuts apart electric machinery technology and servo drive technology, some supports sheet to make servo drive without electric machinery technology even. In studying high accuracy motion is controlled, emulation technology shortens huge the time in the relevant research that we are dominating algorithm and executive cost. While emulation technology supports, still need to develop concerned experiment platform, use effect of evaluation motion pilot, evaluate the performance of servo drive and electric machinery. For example, how to evaluate low speed to make the same score stability and stiffness to wait. The technology is controlled to be a specification with motion of high speed high accuracy only above high-grade controller technology is the technical discipline with a tight coupling group. As the technology of technology of high-end numerical control innovation system ought to have the integrality of technical catenary, accordingly we call such technical innovation system " technical innovation platform " . Investment of such construction of technical innovation platform is tremendous. It is with Japanese FANUC company exemple, keep banner on the technology, the world is resided on crop the first, 3674 people of this company existing worker, the researcher exceeds 600 people, produce per month ability 7000, sale occupies 50 % on world market, 10% what investment of research and development is sale, invest on charge of research and development 100 million dollars every year. Very apparent, below the scientific research condition that supports afore-mentioned platform to be had in China, relying on an enterprise or unit is very difficult. We are passed only include institution of higher learing and other research organization inside, the industry technology innovation that is immanent connection with industrial catenary and technical couplet is allied, integrated technology natural resources, form new-style yield to learn to grind innovation organization, in the country concerned policy supports and relevant much technology implements below guidance the innovation technology platform of close together coupling, just realize a technology possibly to span. 4, the development tendercy that holds technology of numerical control core makes full use of the new technology measure of current technology domain, hold the development tendercy of technology of numerical control core, it is somewhat do not be somewhat. The industry of Chinese equipment controller that is in junior competition condition must make full use of new technical measure, hold the development way of numerical control technology, according to oneself actual condition, it is somewhat do not be somewhat, form late dominant position, quicken the pace that the technology progresses, ability implementation is chased and span. The development way that needs need of technology of clear China numerical control above all. We can are opposite from system of SIEMENS numerical control China be inspired in the way that exports limitation. These functional great majority the 10 functions that are thought to affect competition ability of European equipment core directly. Special cent is the numerical control system of SIEMENS exit with standard type. Exit in to a large number of functions group undertook limitative. User of blame European Union purchases these functions, need obtains the formal license of Germany or European Union. Analyse afore-mentioned functions, controller of OK and wraparound high end a few important technology way: The control technology of complex motion curve. In be being expressed on " 2D+6 of corkscrewed yarn interpolation " , " machine program includes 5 axles " , " much axis interpolation (4 axes) " belong to direction of this one technology. Complex model the athletic control of face and curve attributes the fundamental skill in numerical control foundation, also be the actual demand of responsible tooling. Especially 5 axes treatment controls a technology, the foundation that is treatment of complex curved surface supports a technology. This technology is to matter to the crucial technology of aerospace manufacturing industry, weaponry manufacturing industry, dynamical equipment manufacturing industry. Campaign of concern of much axis coupling is controlled. In be being expressed on " carry (robot) commutation is wrapped " , "The 1D3D clearance in accusing to circulate is controlled " , "Overhang spends compensation, multidimensional " , "Active and numeric coupling and curvilinear list interpolation " , "Electronic gear is unit " , "Amend continuously " , "Measure 2 level " reflected afore-mentioned features. The general character feature of afore-mentioned functions is some reference axis motion is to suffer plan sex contrail to carry out no longer, have some kind to coupling concerns or concern in coordination with the motion of other axis or logistic quantity however, namely process of real time interpolation still introduced other control element. Afore-mentioned functions are manifest to sophisticated equipment it is very necessary, it is important to belong to pilot of classical interpolation motion compensatory. Open type construction. In be being expressed on " core of NC of open mode construction compiles a loop " and " synchronous operation " belong to direction of this one technology. "Core of NC of open mode construction compiles a loop " the control function that engine support user writes him adds a system in, can spend according to designation executive frequency periodic carry out. And " synchronous operation " it is the user formal agreement with advanced language executive condition and executive movement. These two functions reflected control system respectively of disparate arrangement of ideas open, one kind is executive engine is open, another kind is user language level is open. This kind technology is helpful for answering craft demand of leader plant quickly apparently, in blending in him proprietary technology controller, 2 times development has the controller of own characteristic, extended the control capacity of controller greatly. Control technical confluence with servo. In be being expressed on " inner drive variable is evaluated " belong to direction of this one technology. The function of servo actuating device affects the function of the control expression of system of whole numerical control and whole equipment to behave directly. Accordingly, the technology also makes high-end controller technology related servo drive group main base. Because servo actuating device is embedded systematic characteristic, the limitation of operation resource, memory resource and interactive ability, of servo parameter visible and optimize need to pass on digital controller will come true. Accordingly, the technical confluence of controller technology and servo drive technology makes the important way that numerical control technology develops. Characteristic of this one technology can get reflecting evidence from inside a lot of controller products. The progress that direction of afore-mentioned 4 old techniques equip to digitlization is very significant. The numerical control technology of our country basically is put in bigger difference in afore-mentioned direction, ought to make the way that we try hard. 5, on the strategy that the technical strategy that breaks through technical keep within limits implements in the technology, make full use of the new technology measure of current technology domain is main technical strategy. Come nearly 10 years the progress of technology of computer soft hardware comes true to chase and span in domain of numerical control technology for us provided important support. High-powered CPU provided stronger computational resource to control consideration, hardware architecture of the system also simplified in the meantime. Diversiform embedded the operating system offerred convenient applied port for controller software. The computer communication technology that incorporates technology of industrial spot bus line promoted controller interior interconnection and bandwidth of exterior interconnection information substantially. Can last of the safeguard that maturity is software quality and software architecture of software project technology with each passing day development provided guidance. The progress of technology of electric power electron is more the support that the servo drive of high-power provided on the safe side. Afore-mentioned technologies are the fraction that nearly 10 years project technology domain progresses only, domain of technology of sufficient attention project is general technical progress, make new technology becomes our late dominant position, quicken a technology to chase implementation technology to span to us the sense is great. Strategy is carried out to go up in the technology, the confluence that implements production technology, control technology and computer technology adequately is main technical strategy. The confluence of production technology, control technology and computer technology is the technical feature that accords with catenary of numerical control technology. Production technology is the fountainhead of demand of numerical control technology, developing the controller that accords with Chinese industry pattern and production technology characteristic is to draw the main power that uses progress of homebred controller technology, also be the basic jumping-off place that produces controller competition advantage. Controlling a technology is the main body content of numerical control technology, it is the core of technical catenary. Computer technology is the important support of numerical control technology. Emulate technical support to fall in the computer on one hand, through be being emulated to making the physical process of the process, provide the basis of basic control model and control strategy to control a technology; On the other hand computer technology also is the main carrier that control technology carries out. Accordingly, in course of numerical control technology group the confluence that build and wants to implement production technology, control technology and computer technology adequately in process of technical chain link. 6, the progress of the numerical control technology of conclusion our country and outside developing the problem besides technical itself, still need national policy encourage and give aid to, and the support of production equipment manufacturer. The application that should solve a stage head to cover especially sets an example project, quantify the difference of level of technology of domestic and international numerical control on one hand, the effort of clear and homebred controller direction; On the other hand, break the myth that imports a brand, the applied promotion of the numerical control product that is card of home made product offers opportunity. Numerical control technology of China overtakes world advanced level is to allow heavy and the path is far, believe the social atmosphere that achieves new-style nation in construction falls, through be core with the enterprise new-style produce learn to grind below innovation mode organization, make full use of the new technology measure of current technology domain, implementation makes the confluence of technology, control technology and computer technology, pass the effort of unremitting, innovate independently, break technical block and keep within limits stage by stage, quicken technical progress, it is big hopeful. CNC Milling