The choice of clamping apparatus cutting tool and cutting dosage are decided really

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One, what outfit of the choice of clamping apparatus, workpiece places a method is affirmatory 1. The choice   CNC machining of clamping apparatus basically has two gist to beg to clamping apparatus: It is clamping apparatus should have enough precision and stiffness; 2 it is clamping apparatus due and reliable fixed position is standard. When choosing clamping apparatus, consider the following normally: 1) choose as far as possible can adjust clamping apparatus, built up fixture and other general clamping apparatus, avoid to use special fixture, produce preparative time in order to shorten. 2) just consider to use special fixture when be produced group by group, and structure of do one's best is simple. 3) assemble and unassemble workpiece should go to the lavatory quickly, in order to reduce the machine down time of the machine tool. 4) clamping apparatus wants in the installation on the machine tool accurate and reliable, in order to make sure workpiece is in correct machine locally. 2. The clamping apparatus on the lathe of type numerical control of clamping apparatus basically has two kinds: One kind is used at dish kind or short axis kind spare parts, clip of outfit of work semifinished product is being taken adjustable the chuck that blocks claw (3 claw, 4 claw) in, rotate by chuck drive; Another kind is used at the axis kind spare parts, semifinished product outfit is between main shaft tip and tip of rear push frame, workpiece go up by main shaft batch move chuck drive to rotate. The clamping apparatus on CNC Milling, general installation is on workbench, its form basis is machined the characteristic of workpiece but varied. Be like: Revolving stage of graduation of general table vice, numerical control. 3. The installs the part on numerical control machine tool installation method of the spare parts and general accuracy machine tool are same, want reasonable alternative fixed position is standard with clamp plan, the attention is the following at 2 o'clock: 1) design of do one's best, craft and process designing calculative are fiducial and unified, the handy sex that is helpful for estimation of process designing duration calculating so and accuracy. 2) reduce the number that hold clip as far as possible, install clip hind in fixed position as far as possible, treatment gives entire work surface. CNC Milling