As general as Autodesk collaboration will use 3D Printing component

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General report of the intermediary outside occupying component of use 3D Printing, general motors expressed on May 3 local time, the company is cooperating with Autodesk of design software company, produce the 3D Printing component that quantifies brand-newly, gently, raise the target that replaces fuel car product in order to help general implementation. 2017, general motors announces its plan to be before 2023, 20 increase on global product line brand-new pure electric car and fuel cell car. General motors is presiding acceptance of investor of Ceng Xiang of apparitor Mary Barra, general motors will realize electric car gain 2021. Be in this week, general motors tall canal showed the support of seat of 3D Printing stainless steel that uses Autodesk technology research and development, this technology can use cloud computation and the algorithm that are based on artificial intelligence, the permutation that differs to design component to find quickly method. If use conventional technology, seat bracket needs 8 components and several suppliers. But, below new system, seat bracket needs a part only, and weight is reduced 40% , intensity increases 20% . In fact, general motors begins to use 3D Printing technology on archetypal design a few years ago. Add material design and the information that produce director Kevin Quinn according to general motors, in the time that influences one year next, brand-new 3D Printing component will apply in high-end racing bicycle. As ceaseless progress of the technology, general motors predicts to be in future inside 5 years, its attend mass production component of 10 thousand 3D Printing. To electric car industry, print small amount component will " change game is regular " . Current, come on the promotion of electric car say, consumer to course of development of finite add boat be anxious is one big obstacle, and car becomes light to be able to improve fuel economy not only, still can lengthen course of development of car add boat. Quinn points out, long-term in light of, 3D Printing component will conduce to reduce finished cost and content to spread cost, reduce material to use quantity and supplier measure. Autodesk produces chief inspector Bob Yancey to express, the manufacturing industry that is based on 3D Printing technology vector is produced hard, and general affiliation will bring not little pressure for this target. Besides general besides, general and electric the application that waited for a company to also increase 3D Printing aborning. Last year, ford ever expressed to testing technology of small amount 3D Printing, in order to be used at batch production. CNC Milling