The use of new-style configuration raised the precision of the machine tool greatly

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CTX series can be used at the treatment of good stuff spare parts already, yi Ke is used at the axis kind or dish kind of treatment of the spare parts, its a variety of functional configuration means are to let operate what personnel goes to the lavatory to come more, the function of automatic process designing of utmost starts current lathe trade most. The wide application of blade holder makes change and measure cutting tool efficient and accurate, having unique advantage. The perfect combination of axis of C axis, high-power motivation bit body, Y and deputy main shaft is the batch of intricate work to changed production to lay solid foundation. Stand lie changeover is all-purpose bump into milling machine to be able to machine purpose and demand configuration to become 3 rods according to differring linkage, four-axle linkage and 5 axes linkage and stand lie automatic changeover and hand move changeover. Series of new-style DMU-P of all-purpose lock milling machine uses structure of workbench of be born type, raised the tigidity of the machine tool and stability and athletic speed and precision greatly, it is one of group company's most attractive products. Other type such as is fetching the 5 axes of double workbench and much workbench 5 linkage are all-purpose series of DMC-U of machining center striking mill, the mill car of the function that has vertical lathe the lathe bed configuration of series of machining center DMU-FD and machining center of vertical of continue to use. Some company rolled out mill of the first high speed machining center, of this one machining center come out, changed conventional technology way thoroughly, offerred a kind of brand-new program to the treatment of stuff of tall hardness metal. Improved efficiency already, more conventional technology rises 1.

5 times the left and right sides, rose to machine precision again. Mill of this kind of high speed the occurrence of machining center, the 100 flowers that drove line of business of whole world machine tool are contended for colourful. CNC Milling