Use at but the grinding machine of INSERT LINE tool of grinding of periphery of dislocation razor blade

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Of INSERT LINE roll out for bit grinding set new standard, the working area of INSERT LINE: Treatment is sophisticated with each passing day but the geometrical dimension of dislocation razor blade. Production but the circumjacent grinder of dislocation razor blade is not new invention, only the function of platform surmounts existing machine tool, ability scores a success below another kind of mode. EWAG company can have surpassed rival successfully on INSERT LINE. This new machine tool offerred the distinct advantage that the competitor can not compare, because use the grinding technology of innovation, it rises than the manufacturing efficiency of traditional machine tool 50% , and offer outstanding cutting blade quality. This INSERT LINE also because of its project of the emery wheel diameter of a variety of norms, outstanding machine tool man-machine is mixed dynamical design and static press slideway and celebrated. Manufacturing time shortens half photograph compares existing program, the circumjacent grinding technology of the bigger emery wheel diameter of INSERT LINE and innovation can shorten manufacturing time is the greatest to 50% . In the meantime, EWAG can get precision of the largest area and cutting blade quality. "The new program of circumjacent grinding is being machined fewer clash can produce when the cutting blade of dislocation razor blade, the thermal stress of interface is accordingly fewer, " the product manager Thomas Fisher of EWAG explains, "Injure without the surface " . The new grinding technology with flexible INSERT LINE also can be machined jump over hasten complex but the geometrical dimension of dislocation razor blade. In addition, EWAG optimized grinding motivation, be located in center of B axis roll accurately because of the center of this C axis among, CNC axis issued travel space to shorten significantly in interpolation mode consequently. The grinding technology with new technicality was prevented in machine program but the overheat of dislocation razor blade. Workpiece and emery wheel chase point contact only, won't generate surface contact. EWAG INSERT LINE uses this method to make sure its finished product is had highest model face precision and cutting blade quality. Fact and data workpiece material: Carbonization tungsten, cermet, pottery and porcelain, cubic nitrogen changes boron, get together brilliant diamond; Power of grinding main shaft: 12kW; Emery wheel diameter: 350 ~ 500mm; Compositive (unifinication) nap, compositive (unifinication) measure; Granite lathe bed, static press slideway, axis traversal speed is the biggest 30m/min; Grinder and the human body engineering that offer glassware are designed; Compact machine tool dimension (D of × of W × H) : 3m of × of 3m × 2m (the biggest) . The center of C axis is apropos with B axis centre of turning circle is homocentric, CNC axis needed mobile distance to shorten significantly below interpolation mode. Of distinctive dynamical magnetism tighten beforehand static the powerful straight drive that controls slideway, solid man-made granite lathe bed and all axis (the linear straight drive of the pitching moment drive of axis of rotation and X axis and Y axis) assure the biggest accuracy and order stability, and also assured the greatest power. EWAG provides a kind of automatic processing system technically for this kind of new grinding machine. "We had been developed with a kind similar method comes automatic feed a machine and the success that achieved COMPACT LINE through Fanuc200iC robot is compositive " , thomas Fisher explains. Manipulator unit and lead plane formed the system with a compact structure, make charge time can be controlled it is in 4 seconds, and can undertake corresponding adjustment according to different client application. INSERT LINE is to suit circumjacent grinding but the best choice of dislocation razor blade. CNC Milling