Industry data is typed in the functional division of labor of PDM and CAD and cooperation

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The plan that the article elaborates passes the reasonable allocation that what carry a function to PDM and CAD, developed the function with PDM and respective CAD adequately; Make through PDM and CAD interface PDM and CAD coordinate collaboration, make the user typed a respect to reduce workload greatly in data, shortened thereby products plan is periodic. This enterprise upgrades to TeamCenter by Metaphase in PDM system in developing a process, use this plan to obtain favorable result. One, advance what foreword works as manufacturing industry informatization ceaselessly, a few enterprises perhaps been implementinging system of PDM(Product Data Management) . However, if be in executive process, system of good without processing PDM and CAD system type the functional division of labor in the process and synergic relationship in industry data, often can be in the process that executive job nears end, because the user is not willing,accept trival unit process of cargo bandling and make executive job is immersed in awkward condition. Tell specificly, from most PDM product application function looks, design personnel should establish component business target in PDM environment, establish target of project attempt data even, and procrastinate through such as mouse even drag wait for means to establish component and component target between, the product structure between component and project attempt target concerns; Additional, design personnel pursues in project of the scale in CAD environment even file, in registering PDM system. See not hard, occupy in this in establishing a procedure, design personnel need parts 3 times to repeat in PDM and CAD environment type basic and identical component basic message (name of spare parts code name, spare parts, material) -- be opposite in PDM namely when two kinds of objects are founded, each are typed, the caption column in CAD is typed. Compare complex component to the structure, product structure is established in PDM the relation is more trival, and correct rate assures hard. This makes design personnel is not willing to use PDM system. So, whether the data that makes type is planted in PDM and CAD2 the implementation in working environment is shared, make design the source data that personnel types to you can be used jointly by PDM and CAD? The answer is affirmative. Hereinafter, the author passes reasonable processing PDM and CAD to type the functional division of labor in the process and the method that cooperation concerns to solve afore-mentioned problems in industry data. 2, the data of the enterprise that industry data classification should type in PDM stores by ground floor the form can divide for: Logistic data (component is main information) with physical data (project attempt file and technical file) . Logistic data (also weigh metadata) object of product of description of main in order to and the basic message that product object concerns, general memory in the database; Physical data is main more specific complement describes in order to logistic information, store with the form of the file commonly in file system. Rise to PDM application layer to look, these two kinds of data all resemble a form to exist with be opposite in PDM environment. Accordingly from object technology angle for, logistic data and physical data part to bear the weight of by not congener object: Logistic data can come out by object property report directly; And the basic message that understands physical data to data boy or girl friend can be passed in PDM environment, PDM system makes the object passes object property normally, not only the memory method of account physics file, even the metadata with corresponding account. For example, spare parts date is typed to be the spare parts information of 88C7501 in PDM environment, criterion PDM system is met with business object kind (like Cmponent kind) metadata of the spare parts below the record (spare parts code name, spare parts name, material) , with data object kind (be like IdeasDwg kind) the memory method of the metadata below the record and the project attempt file that show correspondence of this spare parts. Visible, two kinds of objects contain the information with same share, namely metadata part. 3, the product data that is based on PDM types means to analyse to implementing PDM system and the company that has independent CAD application software, its data types means to have 3 kinds. If the graph is shown 1 times, primary notes explained here (ZSS object) record basically with project attempt (TSS object) the relation between. <script Src="/ad/1125/in.

The principal property of Js"></script>ZSS object is worth (the date that be like a graph or name) originate the spare parts is recorded basically, it is the carbon that TSS attribute is worth. When the spare parts primary notes changes his when attribute content, the corresponding field of object of dynamic activation ZSS. Press this means, very close relationship exists between two objects. In addition, ZSS object and project also are put in similar concern between the graph, but need to be handled separately in CAD end. The advantage of this kind of processing technique is, need not repeat an input for many times, and will serious attribute content is deposited in object catenary " TSS-ZSS- project pursues " in. Its defect is, the order that is put in a kind to secure between these objects concerns -- before putting graph of knock off Cheng to be recorded basically, with the spare parts related its primary notes must have existed. For this, design personnel must abide by a kind of inflexible means to have the job. Carry out a proof, stem from this reason, design personnel can reject to carry out way of this kind of work normally, because they must cost a lot of time to save all sorts of PDM objects: To save a piece of project to pursue, must want to save at least 3 objects above all commonly. And should establish these targets, must want to experience a whole process from A to Z below the support of PDM system. Design personnel must spend a large number of time for this. To solve the problem that the first method encounters, design personnel still can use the alternant and conversational pattern that the graph shows 2 times. This method is the conversational interface that unites through, attribute the value inputs catenary of whole TSS-ZSS object in the center, establish the connection with all objects according to the information of the input automatically by PDM system. Can save time greatly so, the acceptance that can improve the person that use degree. Of course, take other step even, make the user can establish a target alone according to particular demand quite. But graph 2 means still did not solve the problem that types breath of a few heavy reply even when the project with CAD upright corresponding scale pursues. If the graph is shown 3 times, on foundation of the 2nd kind of means, still developed at present can unite an interface through PDM end, build TSS-ZSS object chain automatically; Refinance aids CAD compositive interface, accede the information of the input in CAD system more as far as possible the ZSS object from PDM system, perfect target of PDM project attempt thereby, make project plan in CAD end further, can interact with PDM object consistent, decreased to repeat type the job. 4, division of labor and the way division of labor that cooperation realizes build the base in a kind of cooperation over, the support of cooperation of requirement of division of labor, this kind of support is to pass the interface of CAD and PDM to finish normally. Tell specificly, because pass CAD to carry visit PDM to want to be reduced somewhat on efficiency, so, should found what concern between data object and object as far as possible put in PDM to carry implementation; And finish only in CAD end with project graph the job of scale and as mutual as the data of target of attempt of the project in PDM respect. Change development to be with the TeamCenter client of EDS company exemple, above all, the basis is carried in PDM kind of structure of TeamCenter of this augment of model of industry data object; Next, use the window body with accessary TeamCenter to edit a tool (DWE) new and custom-built corresponding dialog box; Finally, write through weighing appropriate kind or target information Message (like PdmItem:DOCreatePre) , make PDM system OK found a dialog box to receive data information from component, thereby automatically ordinal establish component object, project concern between chart target and them, reduced artificial job. In CAD end, use VB and I-DEAS Drafting client to change language Prg the interface program of custom-built to IDEAS development and PDM, pass this interface, the form that carries with PDM client realizes project graph file and data of target of PDM project attempt in systematic interior share with alternant. 5, the reasonable allocation that what the plan that the article elaborates conclusion passes pair of PDM and CAD to carry a function, developed the function with PDM and respective CAD adequately; Make through PDM and CAD interface PDM and CAD coordinate collaboration, make the user typed a respect to reduce workload greatly in data, shortened thereby products plan is periodic. This enterprise upgrades to TeamCenter by Metaphase in PDM system in developing a process, use this plan to obtain favorable result. CNC Milling