Electric spark machines craft

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Cut of electric spark line is machined (Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining, abbreviation WEDM) , call a line cut again sometimes. Its work basically the principle is the fine wire that uses successive shift (call electrode silk) make electrode, undertake to workpiece corrode of pulse scintilla discharge shapes except metal, cut. It basically is used at processing all sorts of form complex with accurate and petty workpiece, develop the punch that reduces a standard, sunken model, punch-die, fixed head, discharge board to wait for example, the metal electrode that processing of figuration cutting tool, example, electric spark uses, all sorts of imperceptible aperture chamfer, narrow seam, aleatoric curve, have mental allowance precision of small, treatment tall, production is periodic short, production cost is low and outstanding advantage, already aborning wins wide application, at present machine tool of domestic and international cut of electric spark line already occupied report to machine the 60 % above of machine tool gross. Differ according to the traversal speed of electrode silk, normally cent is machine tool of cut of electric spark line two kinds: One kind is high speed takes a machine tool of cut of electric spark line (WEDM-HS) , its electrode silk makes high speed reciprocate, average rate walking along silk is 8 ~ 10m/s, electrode silk can repeat use, treatment rate is higher, but walk along silk to cause electrode easily quickly silk shakes and retrorse when halt, make machine quality to drop, it is our country production and use main machine are planted, the cut of electric spark line that also is our country original creation machines mode; Another kind is low speed takes a machine tool of cut of electric spark line (WEDM-LS) , its electrode silk makes low speed one-way motion, average rate walking along silk under 0.

2m/s, after silk discharges, electrode is used no longer, the job is smooth, even, shake quality of small, treatment is better, but treatment speed is inferior, it is foreign production and use main machine are planted. According to moving to electrode silk the control form of orbit differs, machine tool of cut of electric spark line can divide again it is 3 kinds: One kind is control of * model profile modeling, before its are undertaking line cut is machined, prefabricate gives as same as workpiece appearance * pattern, mix work semifinished product when treatment * model is placed on machine tool workbench with fashionable dress, in cut process electrode silk is sticking * model brim closely to make orbit shift, thereby cut gives as same as * model appearance and precision work to come; Another kind is photoelectricity dogs control, before its are undertaking line cut is machined, depict an one Zhang Guang report to dog by certain enlarge scale according to part drawing appearance first graph, the photoelectricity that adds machine tool of park of man-hour general design dogs on the stage, dog the photoelectricity head on the stage from beginning to end the contrail of graph of follow the line in a carpenter's ink marker moves, refinance aids the linkage at electric, machinery, workpiece of along with of workbench of control machine tool does the exercise of similar form relative to electrode silk, thereby cut gives as same as draft form work to come; Another is planted is digital programme controll, use advanced digitlization automata technology, drive machine tool completes treatment automatically according to the it is good to weave beforehand according to parameter of workpiece geometry appearance CNC Machining program before treatment, do not need to make * model model also need not scale enlarge graph, than in front form of two kinds of control has taller treatment precision and wide applied range, at present domestic and international the machine tool of cut of electric spark line of 95 % above already used numerical control to change. Introduction of principle of cut of line of introduction of line cut principle and phylogeny of opportunity of treatment of cut of industrial safety line 20 centuries metaphase, when Russia pulls couple of Za Lin division to study switch contact suffers scintilla discharge to corrode the phenomenon of attaint and reason, the instantaneous high temperature that discovers electric spark can make local metal fused, oxidize and be corroded, be initiated thereby and invented electric spark to machine a method, machine of line cut discharge also invented Yu Su couplet 1960. Watch valuable assistant of outline face around to move feed job mesa to machine with projector at that time, think to machine actually although speed is slow, can process the imperceptible form that traditional machinery processes not easily however. Economic case of the representing is to change the abnormity aperture that knits nozzle to machine. The treatment liquid that uses at that time uses mineral sex oil (kerosene) . Insulating properties is tall, extremely span leaves small, treatment speed under fetters now, practical suffer be restricted. Will NC is changed, taking off ionic water (approach distilled water) in the machine of treatment is planted machine mechanical manufactory to be in by Swiss discharge above all exhibited in exhibition of Parisian machine tools 1969, improve treatment speed, establish the security of unmanned movement condition. But of NC punched tape make however very give or take a lot of trouble, if need not large computer is designed from traverse foreword, right the person that use is very great burden. In cheap automatic programming device (before Automatic Programed Tools APT) appears, gain ground very delay. The machine of treatment of line cut discharge that Japanese mill development designs from traverse foreword with small-sized computer is cheap, gain ground quickly. The treatment form that line cut discharge processes is 2 dimension outline. Voluntary program plant is extensive it is easy to compare formal type with language of APT(APT of simple and easy form) , the occurrence of APT of simple and easy form puts the main factor that electric machinery develops for line cut. Line cut discharge machines treatment of discharge of fundamental line cut to regard a tool as electrode with copper cash, in copper cash and copper, steel or exceed hard alloy to wait to be machined the pulse voltage that 60~300V brings to bear on between content material, hold 5~50um clearance, the insulation medium such as kerosene, pure water is full of in clearance, make electrode and be machined scintilla happens to discharge between content, and each other are used up, corrode.

Countless small hole go out in corrode of workpiece surface electrify, accuse through NC pilot is monitored and be in charge of, servo orgnaization is carried out, make phenomenon of this kind of discharge agrees equably, achieve treatment content to be machined thereby, the made product that makes the dimension size accord with the requirement and appearance precision.

The physical principle that electric spark machines is as follows: To electric spark arises between 2 electrode, the voltage between these 2 electrode must prep above clearance (electrode - between workpiece) puncture voltage depends on: The distance between 1) electrode and workpiece; The insulation ability of fluid of 2) report interpose (water quality compares resistor) ; The contaminative state of 3) clearance (corrode trash) . The point with the strongest electric field of discharge head preexistence happens, this is a complex process; Free ion and electron are attendant in accumulate, form very quickly by the electric passageway of ionization; In this phase, two board form electric current. Bring about collision happens countless times between particle, form a plasma division, lift very quickly the 8000 high temperature to 12000 degrees, fuse in instant of two conductor surface a few material, in the meantime, as a result of the vaporization of electrode and electric interpose fluid, form a bleb, and its pressure regulation rises until very tall; Next electric current is interrupted, temperature is reduced suddenly, cause bleb introversion to explode, the motivation of generation tosses dissolved material a crater, the material that is corroded next condenses into small sphere afresh in electric interpose fluid, be discharged by electric interpose fluid; Corrode the problem to asymmetry to electrode and workpiece, basically depend on electrode heats up conductibility, the melting point of material, duration and discharge density, happen on electrode to call loss, happen on workpiece to call purify material.

Industry is safe to ensure handlers and machine tool are in optimal and safe condition falls, the health that reachs the member that same plant mies wife and have easy working environment, make machine equipment maintains original treatment function and essence for long to be spent definitely, prolong service life, the safety that must abide by line cut discharge to machine is regular. One, environment: Environmental choice and facilities of treatment of line cut discharge reach his to operate personnel to have immediate concern, the stand or fall that the environment opts has the following effect: Firstly, attaint equipment performance and precision, make loss of life of its machine tool; Secondly, influence workpiece machines precision, cause inferior quality; Thirdly, the safety to handlers and healthy also endanger somewhat. So, referenced and the following item asks in the choice of environmental place: 1.

Satisfy the dimensional size that place of line cut machine tool asks; 2.

The choice can bear the place of machine tool weight; 3.

Select the site that passes into without vibration and concussion. Machine tool of line cut discharge is facilities of high accuracy treatment, if what place the place has vibration and impact, will cause severe loss to machine stage, affect its badly to machine precision thereby, shorten its service life, bring about a machine to discard as useless even. 4.

The choice does not have the place of dust, avoid to shed numerous passageway on the side; (The itself of machine of discharge of 1) line cut is characteristic, there is dirt to exist in its air, will make the filar lever of the machine is worn away badly, affect service life thereby; (Machine of discharge of 2) line cut belongs to the computer to control, the disk that computer place uses is quite strict to the requirement of the dirt in air, when there is dirt to enter inside disk, disk can be damaged, also damage at the same time hard disk; (Itself of machine of discharge of 3) line cut gives out a large number of heat, need inside electric equipment ark so often take a breath, if air is medium dirt is too much, can add in gas exchange process accumulate each electric equipment component to go up, cause electric equipment component to come loose heat is undesirable, bring about circuit board to be burned out thereby. Accordingly, dustproof net wants machine platform often clean. 5.

Choose the room with temperature little change, avoid sunshine to pass window and roof window glass point-blank reach the place that stands by thermal current (the product of treatment of tall nice spare parts needs 1) to fall in constant temperature undertake, it is room temperature 20C commonly; (Because when itself of machine of line cut discharge works, 2) produces quite big quantity of heat, if temperature change is too big, can cause serious effect to machine service life. 6.

Choose screen house: Because line cut discharge machines a process to belong to process of electric arc discharge, in electric arc the meeting in discharge process generates intense electromagnetic wave, cause harm to human body health thereby, meeting influence goes to the environment all round in the meantime.


It is good to choose ventilated condition, capacious workshop, so that handlers is mixed,the machine tool can leave the job in best environment.

2, carry: 1.

Carry the option of means: Equipment of discharge treatment aircraft carries line cut to be mixed with forklift type gyro wheel type, special situation chooses condole mood shift when; 2.

The lock before carrying decides: Before carry, must use special and random fixed decide bed stage and each axis lock. Equipment breakdown is caused in order to prevent in carry, affect machine stage precision to make equipment discards as useless even thereby. 3, safety in operation: Reach a harm to do not make machine tool and personnel are damaged, need to notice the following item when operation line cut machines equipment. 1.

The personnel ability that grooms through equipment of this kind of machine only uses this machine device permissibly. 2.

To avoid to machine fluid and electric ark overheat, cooling system must be in successive job status; 3.

To avoid the electrical wiring of electrify of direct bring into contact with, must shut machine stage to defend the door; 4.

Do not allow 2 people to operate same opportunity station at the same time, when moving picture is operated, answer to reduce screen brightness as far as possible, choose strabismus to observe a picture, reduce the harm that screen radiate brings to the eye thereby; 5.

The person that machine should master operation face plate adroitly the particular function of each key-press and the condition in using, apply neatly in the unit process of cargo bandling of machine stage, the changeover of hep picture, especially a few fundamental pictures (if plan an appearance, observation picture) has function, face plate is operated because of not be familiar with in avoiding to be being machined and cause all sorts of unusual, additional because of each key-press (especially commonly used key) high density collect uses easy damage, when operating face plate so, the surface should add a plastic paper to make protection, in order to prolong the service life of operation face plate; 6.

Like operating face plate together, the person that machine also answer the specific use means of hep remote controller, the key-press appearance of the remote controller is due a plastic paper makes protection, additional, the remote controller can break away from operation board remote control, it is to use an electrical wiring to make conduct, so the protection of the remote controller still should include the protection to electrical wiring. Cannot pull energetically in use process use wire, lest the remote controller is out of order, the share that electrical wiring lists should be placed since the circle, after using, must replace former office hungs up; 7.

When machine tool or nose are mobile, absolutely cannot the hand but between finger park nose and working other people, press a fault via because the instruction is defeated by fault or directional key,be being prevented, cause safe accident; 8.

Machine the protection of platform: When processing work, should notice whether the means that hold clip can hurt treatment platform, dry platform should be blown when machine stage is used, antirust oil should go up to try to protect a machine tool when be not being used for a long time; 9.

In the erect process of workpiece, should notice to whether fluctuation nose can hit in cut, to cribriform treatment should use special treatment technology, avoid to cannot be taken out because of flotsam and create calorie of material, affect machine tool precision; 10.

The outfit clip of workpiece is mixed with going to the lavatory it is a principle firm, when erect workpiece thrust is by water impulse with workpiece principle, lest cause bolt slippery silk and cannot discharge is divided; 11.

In day-to-day work, use the work that wear modular method commonly and cannot process via often can be being encountered, in must use special outfit clip to treat at this moment: (1) small-sized workpiece- - pressing plate cannot when erect but Lv is used horn implement or Mai Shi undertakes machining; (If 2) encounters big rake kind workpiece- - cannot tilt when treatment, should use sine stage or rake space block to assist declining treatment method to undertake machining; (When 3) is machined many times- - can consider to use horn implement or Mai Shi undertakes one on top of another is machined (4) is controlling provided use process in, should assure to treat be not injured.

(Like: ? Orangutan of Scandium of lax of 6  Sui says Ju of  award languid street Wei knocks at Huan of dispatch of border of discuss  Ju to still fetters? 12.

Does special attention answer when treatment equipment: ? Reason of Miao of Miao Gongding  owes ǖ of secondary Quan Suo to seek sunlight squeeze paragraph of  grave?13.

Working other people and copper cash cannot be felt with the hand directly in treatment, fall the phenomenon that should notice to expect the head blocks nose when makings, equipment and finger should take care to be not harmed when makings head is taken out harder; 14.

When cleaning treatment thing, can use oxalic acid to clean fluid, wool scrub should be used to machine content completely when use, and do not apply both hands to contact oxalic acid to clean working thing directly, reduce oxalic acid adversary thereby corrode, do not do oxalic acid eyeball of pleasant to see, if have,do should clean with clear water instantly; 15.

After the line cuts machine stage to operate personnel to machine, should notice diligent wash one's hands, special answer before have dinner abluent both hands, avoid the treatment juice with more impurity to absorb harm body; 16.

Undertake on the electric parts of an apparatus of interior of power source cabinet or machine tool all sorts of maintenance are mixed when detecting, master switch must establish park OFF position, create nameplate (power source) does not leave in maintenance; 17.

When maintain and detecting, must abide by safe directive, in manual must consulting before any maintenance work corresponding and paragraphic; 18.

Should control ark only after dump, ability feels electronic component; 19.

Grip can be held only when taking package, do not want printed circuit of bring into contact with board aureate line; 20.

The component that already damaged must be put into protector, the displace that ability is at ease; 21.

Should note equipment easy loss change in time, in order to maintain precision. 4, safe device: The introduction that safety of equipment of A, machine equips: 1.

The setting of buzzer (can be in happen stop or unusual when call the police automatically) ; 2.

The setting that screen protects (can not use for long in the picture when, screen is shut automatically reduce radiation) ; 3.

The setting that urgent apply the brake bolts (can be in happen break out unusual when) of urgent apply the brake; 4.

Medicinal powder the installation of sirocco fan (what basically be in charge of lead plane box is ventilated medicinal powder hot) ; B, safe equipment operates use method: 1.

Bee toots implement use, bee toots implement use have two kinds of state only: When the function the choice is " ON " when, bee toots implement can call the police unusually automatically to what appear; When the function the choice is " OFF " when, bee toots implement not effective. Bee toots implement basically remove clew to use, when machine stage pauses, the person that remind treatment continues machine stage to machine processing; 2.

The use that screen protects: Sha Di overcomes the setting that type screen protects, can use parameter revise undertake, whether does the choice enable screen protection, can install enable time, when if not have,be being used will shut can; 3.

The use of pushbutton of urgent apply the brake: Appear when machine stage break out unusual, when the person that machine cannot think up correct means of settlement immediately, can bolt by this machine stage apply the brake; 4.

Medicinal powder sirocco fan is in advocate can enable below the case that power source opens; 5, emergency treatment flees for his life: 1.

Fire happening: When fire happening, should reach a correct fire control processing, report a director instantly, dial fire alarm " 119 " when the phone (must have receive senior officer order) , should tell Qing Dynasty to catch fire unit name is detailed address, catch fire material, size reachs igneous situation call the police the person's full name and telephone number, take an active part in fire of initial stage of rush to save life and property, prevent igneous situation to spread, control hard when igneous situation when, be about calm mood, try to flee for one's life. When be surrounded by smoke, should cover with wet towel shut up is nose, small gesture walks procumbent wear occurrence field, should flee for his life the passageway is sealed by fireworks, usable wet quilt wrap around to bow on the body strong ham field. Should flee for his life when the passageway is blocked up dead, can flee for his life through the place such as balcony drainpipe, or in cord of the fasten on fixed object, suitable cord escapes the scene of a fire, if afore-mentioned measure won't do, answer go back is indoor, close the door window that leads to igneous area, and to water outside the window defer igneous situation to spread, at the same time to signal of ask for help is issued outside the window, anyhow, for love or money, do not abandon the hope of lifesaving; 2.

After discovering somebody gets an electric shock, answer to spread out emergency treatment quickly to work, the action is quick. The method is accurate most crucial. No matter be in,discover danger why to weigh patient or contingency when, can dial " 120 " phone, center of request emergency treatment has first aid. Answer above all rapid dump, if mains switch distance is further, usable insulation object pulls open the electrical wiring on body of the person that get an electric shock, or with the tool dump that takes insulation power, do not make tool of relieve a sick or injured person with metallic stuff or damp object, cannot contact body of the person that get an electric shock more, in case oneself get an electric shock. After the person that get an electric shock breaks away from power source, should according to its particular case, be opposite quickly semiotic cure. Not heavy to the condition of an injury, in one's right senses person, should make its quiet rest one hour, send toward hospital observation again; Heavier to the condition of an injury, also lose consciousness, but the heart beats and breath still exists, should make its comfortable, quiet n lies, and fast ask doctor make a diagnosis and give treatment or send toward the hospital, serious to the condition of an injury, breath stops or the heart beats stop, or both already stopped, answer to apply squash outside artificial breath and bosom instantly, and fast send a hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment. CNC Milling